Monday, October 3, 2016

Inspired by Okonomiyaki (AKA Japanese Pizza)

Last weekend I had got some shredded cabbage on sale and had forgot I had some already at home that had not been used yet. So there I was deciding what to do with 4 bags, and not wanting to waste it! I am very thankful in this modern world for google and online recipes all at my fingertips!

So after searching the web I came across multiple sites/recipe listings for Okonomiyaki! I knew I could do my own versions of this and make an edible experiment!

2 cups of shredded slaw ( cooked will be 1/2 green/veggie for 21 day fix-you could easily add the other half with toppings of filling for pizza), with 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, garlic, in pan with spray EVOO

The 1st one I did was a curry flavor. So I made a tangy/spicy curry sauce for the top with Pomi strained tomatos, curry power, garlic, small amount Walden Farm's syrup. This would count for some of the fruit/purple cup for 21 day fix.

Now most of the recipes for Okonomiyaki I saw used fish, but this what I had in the house! I had got some ground beef on sale at the store this weekend. I also had some pork I had already cooked, but didn't think to use it. I put garlic/curry/salt in this as well. This is 8oz of meat here, and I used approx 4 oz or 1 red cup from 21 day fix per pizza.

The recipes  I saw for Okonomiyaki also put slaw in a skillet and flipped it like a pancake after it browned on one side. Yall, I knew I knew I would make a huge mess with that, and so I pulled about another kitchen tool! Our quesadilla maker we got as a wedding gift from Jared's grandma! I bet she would have laughed watching me use this to make these pizzas! But it worked perfectly! Even easier to portion out thanks to the dividers!

Okonomiyaki recipes I saw also called for almost 2 cups of flour for 4 cups of slaw ( 2 cups per 2 cups of slaw). I used only 2 heaping tablespoons of this pancake mix in mine which would be 1 tablespoon per cup ( I divided by pizzas in half). You could count this toward the carb containers on 21 day fix. 

So after browning my meat I mixed one red cup from 21 day fix ( 4oz) with my 2 cups of slaw. I added 2 large eggs (beat) which is equal to another red cup with 21 day fix. So one whole pizza is 1 green/veggie and 2 red/protein, as well as 1 yellow/carb. If you use tomato you will have some of the fruit serving as well. I used the same mix of seasonings in the slaw as meat and sauce.

I cooked about 10-12 minutes give or take until browned. I wanted to give ample time for slaw to cook.

2 servings! And with this machine I could even divide easily into slices. So you know 3 slices is one serving. If you made multiple flavors like I did you could have a slice of each!

Finished Curry pizza

My second flavor/ theme of course was my taco/texmex.

Here is my commonly used seasonings. I used more of the meat I browned above, and salted like the first pizza.

Now on this pizza I forgot to mix the meat in with the slaw. But that's's was still great!

For the topping sauce for this one. I used mini sweet peppers, tomatillo, fresh cilantro, fresh squeezed lime juice ( 1 lime plenty-2 was 2 much), Pomi again, salt/garlic/etc

browned veggies in pan

While this browned I set the pizza to cook.

     Good stuff!

I stuck all the above listed ingredients in my ninja and pureed.

I put the mix in a pan on the stove and added some Pomi to balance it out and cut some of my lime juice and sauteed for about 10 minutes.

Dinner and finished project! It isn't the prettiest picture, but it was delicious! I can't wait to play and make more of these pizzas! I also made a asian flavor one later, but didn't take pictures. But it was made very similar. I used asian spice mix I have and some ginger for flavors.

I was able to make 6 servings/3 pizzas with 2.5 bags of slaw, 2 lbs ground meat ( I still have 4oz of ground meat left I have not used yet!)

This was my first night making these, and I def think I can make them better with better flavors, but I can't learn unless a try and make great mistakes!

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