Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cajun Shrimp Scampi- a FB post the inspired me to make it for myself with a few twists!

Here is the original video that caught my eye one day on facebook. I recently started using the "SAVE" button on FB that I didn't know existed to go back to post that interest me or I need more time to read!


One of the big changes I made was instead of using rice I took a small head of caulilflower and made cauliflower rice. The one small head made about 4 cups of rice, which would also be 4 servings on the 21 Day Fix program. Here are some other items I used.

I used less than a table spoon to saute the celery ( I would probably leave this out next time), garlic, green onions, and pepper. I used EVOO from a MISTO on the shrimp.

I used both herbs fresh VS crushed. I HIGHLY recommend using fresh herbs when you can when cooking! The flavor can't be beat!

I am a busy mom! I could have got fresher garlic but I KNEW baby girl was not going to allow for a long prep time!

The recipe called for white wine. I used this instead. The recipe also called for chicken stock to cook down the rice they use the the original. I just used this for that as well to add flavor, but in all honesty since I used cauliflower rice I could have just used my apple cider vinegar.

When looking at the cooking wines also look at the carbs. This one was 1 carb per serving, but one had as much a 3carbs. For some people that is not a big deal, but if you are trying to do a ketogenic diet are cut carbs where you can, that can add up depending on what you are using it for to cook!

I used these as well as sea salt! The big reason I don't use pre mixed seasonings anymore is due to the added salt and sugar. There are 2 Mrs Dash seasonings I do use regularly, and one does have some sugar added. It's my goal to find some seasoning mixes I like and make my own! The bigger culprit in pre-made seasonings is salt. You may be surprised!

Fresh lemon of course!

I bought celery, bell peppers ( I like using more than one color most of the time anyway!), and green onion pre-chopped ( again this has to do with busy mom part, it would been cheaper to chop myself)! You can use regular onion if you like with the recipe. I choose to use green onion due to stomach issues with sauteed onions, but also sugar is released when you saute onions.

This is the finished product. I didn't really blacken my shrimp like they did in the recipe. Mainly because my sweetest was losing her mind and I wanted to finish and eat! That being said, I could easily stuck the shrimp on my panini maker or a Forman grill and done a quick grill!

Now, I also had attempted some videos while doing this, but you can here cries in the background and I didn't get the whole process. The other thing I didn't do was measure the other veggies. I didn't use those whole containers, I may have used a 3rd of them with the 4 cups of cauli-rice along with 2-3 tablespoons of garlic. I used one full pound of shrimp in order to avg  4oz shrimp per serving.
I did not measure the wine either.

I'm very coonass when it comes to that, I don't measure. But the older I get, and the more I cook this way I totally understand now how Justin Wilson could pour exactly a measurement of something without a spoon, and he would show on camera he could do If you don't know Justin, PLEASE go youtube him! Anyway, I probably used 1 cup total of the wine. It was a small bottle and I have plenty left!

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