Monday, August 8, 2016

Make MORE with Mushrooms

So this week for meal prep I used ground turkey ( extra lean), ground beed ( extra lean), and pre-sliced mushrooms.

The first dish was "taco meat". Now I don't buy taco bell seasoning packs anymore ( most are high in salt and sugar), but I do my own seasonings. I used my ninja food processor to make the mushrooms into small chunks and cooked them along with my ground turkey. As you can see once it's all cooked down you can't tell the mushrooms from the turkey. If you ever feel like you need more meat or need add meat to a dish just think of mushrooms as the other other unmeat meat! They can be very versatile! Don't be scared to be creative! I have on my list to try to portobello as "bread"!

Now my next dish was mushroom/ground beef burgers. Now, on this day, these burgers did not come out how I wanted...why?? Because I was distracted with one cute lil fussy kiddo. So the mistake I made was not making my mushrooms into a paste in the Ninja, thus I had chunks and made it difficult to form burgers and make this stay together well. But I did not let my absent mind and failure stop me! I cooked them up anyway, and they were still good. Had I made the paste it would have been hard to see the mushroom like in the taco meat!

Try these with your picky kids and let me know if it works! I have super pick kids and I know they won't even try the stuff, but I pray one day they may change! LOL

Do you have any recipes you use to sneak veggies to kids or add more volume but in a healthy way to your dishes?

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