Sunday, July 24, 2016

Chayote Squash (Mirliton) chicken spaghetti with mushrooms

So about a month ago I made this but I did it with a ground meat. This time I decided to make this with chicken and cook it in the oven. I first put the chicken breast in the pan and I seasoned with garlic powder, sea salt, herb de Provence, and my favorite Mrs. Dash seasoning. I didn't use my spiralizer to make noodles out of the chayote squash. You will not be able to make the noodles with the handheld spiralizer you actually need the full size spiralizer because the chayote squash is a hard vegetable. I then add one large package (about 16 ounces )of pre sliced mushrooms to the chicken, and then top with the squash noodles. On top of that I add one box of the pomi sauce and 1 box of the pomi diced tomatoes. I add some more of the same seasonings, and apple cider vinegar and liquid aminos. I forgot to post adding the mushrooms, but they are there.

This made 12 sevings...approx 5.5oz protein and 2 cups veg per serving. I put multiple servings in 3 of my containers. Baked 400 degrees approx 1.5hours. Fresh herbs would make this even better,but I forgot to grab some while shopping.

Also, the chicken, squash, mushrooms, and 2 pomi cost less than $30...for 12 servings! You can eat healthy on a budget as long as you PLAN!

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