Monday, June 27, 2016


And there is the Jicama root. It is hard too! I am glad the local store here, HEB, carried precut jicama tortillas, and spears! When I was on Ideal Protein I started to read a lot about jicama, turnip, and rhutabaga fries. I pretty much never made it past the jicama! I love it!

So, how the hell do I make fries?
First, I get some of these from HEB. This a new packaging at HEB and yields about 2-1 cup servings. The old packaging actually had 2-2cup servings.

Here is what I put on the jicama. Flavored olive oils can also add a nice taste!

Then, I turn the airfryer on 390 for 18min( 3min to warm up)
The jicama cooks 12-15min

 That may not look like much, but I could not even finish the fries. The burger is about 5oz 96/4 ground beef. 
Here is the BBQ sauce I use too ( I have all flavors)! You could also add slice of Veggie cheese to the burger, and or course a salad!

 Jicama is a great little root. It can be savory and sweet! Here is a recipe for the oven, and here is a recipe for jicama/watermelon salad.

Jicama tortillas ( basically put the jicama on a mandolin and make tortillas) are great replacement for tacos too!

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