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11 months= 2 little ones and lots of learning

Again, this is late, but sure is better than never. These will be used in his baby book so I don't have to write 2x and I don't forget things!

Louis was busy for his 11 month like he was for his 10 month of life!

Louis at 11 months:

1. WALKING (7-9-12) just a few days before the 11 month mark!

We were sitting in the living room on a this Monday night watching TV. We had just returned home from a weekend visiting our families and showing them how he was taking steps from my arms to Jared's arms. Everyone was so excited and we all knew "it won't be long"!

So while we are watching TV, Louis is playing with some toy at my knees. I glance down because I don't feel him anymore and what do I see???

There he is staggering on those 2 little feet with his arms in the air either saying Praise Jesus or Touchdown! I had tears of excitement in my eyes and I hit at the sofa for Jared to look at him! I didn't want to say anything loud and he fall. I was SO proud of him! He walked about 4 feet to the baby swing in the front of the living room. When he got there we both said " YAY LOUIS...YAY BABY!" I still had those tears in my eyes. I know this will only be first of many moments to come where I will be proud and excited for Louis.

He reminds me of me and Jared both when it comes to taking on big exciting tasks like walking. He is like Jared in that he isn't afraid to try anything, but like me in that he will do it on his on terms/ don't force him and he will try it with caution!

I quickly got my phone to record him walking back from his musical table toy. We were so excited, and even more excited we were together and got to see those first steps!

Is there anything after walking???

2. He has 8 teeth!

3. Learned to sign " All DONE!" too cute crossing then uncrossing those chubby arms

4. Eating more finger food, he likes to share Magic Pop/strawberries/nutella with  mama, he also likes spaghetti out the can and homemade but only thick noodles no shells, tried some microwave dinners with veggies ( 50/50 with these), nawed on shrimp in Louisiana, tried catfish & hush puppies at the Chimes with cousin Lionel, tried avacado/banana spread on bread, and WAFFLES

5. hugging/playing/pulling up more on poor Potter

6. Likes to help load/unload dishes in the dishwasher and taking inventory of items in the refrigerator...he also likes to have a fit when they are closed and he is not DONE!

7. Had his First Father's Day with Jared

8. Learning how to get bruises on the head

9. learning what NO NO means

10. Went to the Chimes for the first time with Dobell, Mama, Daddy, Cole, Nanny Becky, Cousin Lionel and Cousin Evelyn

11. Got in the big pool for the first time ( LOVED IT)!

12. Celebrated with his Great Granny her 80th birthday ( beautiful day!)

13. Visited with Granna and Pawpaw Broussard in Austin!

14. Took his first trip to a sporting good store and got his first soccer ball.

15. Learned to play in his brothers' water bowls!

16. Using lots of baby talk..really cute.."  T T T..TSH" 

17. learned to clap

18. He knows all to use all the buttons/triggers on his music table, he knows cause and effect!

19. Enjoys playing with maracas!

20. Went to his first birthday party ( 2nd birthday of Daniel, son of Dorothy that went to LSU with mama and daddy)

Here is a video that the family enjoyed!

                                      Having Ravioli with Daddy

                                                         Eating his favorite, Cheerios

                                                  Trying his first strawberry

                                                     Canned spaghetti


He was excited about the Chimes!

Think Nanny Becky called this Scatter Drill photo!

                                                           Nanny Granny Ann

                                                        My 2 babies

                                                 PaPa Louis, Louis, Pawpaw Danny

                                                          Mawmaw Nita

                                                     Pool Time!

                                           He had fun splashing Mama in the face!

                                    Granny's Favorite color is red, so we all wore red!

I think Louis looks like her baby picture.

Parrain and Aunt Hannah

Hey Cousin Brae, you are bigger than I remember!

These 2 look so much like their daddies it is a shame.

                                      party and sleep hard

these are some professional shots done by my MIL cousin

with Dobell at the Chimes

"Uncle' Cole came too!

with cousin Lionel....2 cuties!

I love these of him and 3 great grandparents by the pool ( Papa Lou, Pawpaw Charles and Mawmaw Nita)

And of course we still took our Jack pictures each week!

IN closing a few precious moments!

WATER!!! for the dogs!

Early first Father's Day

Baby pootin card, Jared laughing

Gift of pictures of pregnancy, birthday and throughout the year thus far

Day he got his Maracas at Lakeshore Learning

Looking like a handsome dude!

Meeting his Aunt Renee and Uncle Jeff from CA

Passed out after  a treatment

Fun a t Academy with Daddy


Silly Baby

First attended Birthday Party

Daniel was being so sweet and bringing Louis toys to play with on the floor.

Wonder what 12 months will have in store for yall????

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