Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Like Move it Move It : 10 months

This mama is far behind on this 10 month update. Life, work and Louis have been busy.

So, what has Mr. Louis learned to do by 10 months?

Louis at 10m:

1. Pull up on furniture, and "cruise" around that piece of furniture & walk up and down baby bed

2. Now has 7 teeth and working on 8 ( 3 on top and 4 on the bottom)

3. still crawling, but also crawling with his butt in the air and on the tip of his toes, sometimes he pushes off with the left and the right leg crawls ( we think he may be a lefty)

4. he sits and goes in a circle by grabbing the floor with his feet and turning to change direction

5. little more interest in finger foods, tried scrambled eggs, but CHEERIOS were the winner this month ( more foods coming for 11 months)

6. using the walker less now, because he doesn't like being confined from checking out his world

7. loves playing with the dog kennel dorr

8. starting to understand verbal MILK goes with the sign for milk, he lets out a little laughing UHH UHHH when you ask him milk and sign it to him, he then signs back

9. Had a visit from Parrain and Aunt Hannah

10. He went to Pedernales Park, went to Barton Creek Pool for the 1st time and cruised down South Congress and visited some shops, oh and Mount Bonnel ( #(9)

11. Watched Daddy graduate from UT with his MMA. He loved playing with the tassel

12. learned to stand up at sliding glass door, and he has head a few head bumps there!

13. def knows how to say NO by shaking his head!

14. Transit of Venus between Earth and Sun...Louis could not look of course, I took pictures for his baby book, but didn't have right lense to actually catch Venus, Louis may not be alive for the next one, unless he lives well past 100

15. was diagnosed with tracheal and bronchial malacia after a bronchoscopy

16. helped me celebrate my first Mother's Day

17. getting better with video chatting

18. learning how to manipulate push/pull/spins better on toys

19. pouts and sometimes cries when you tell him "OOOOOOOOO" and he is doing something wrong. We found this out by mistake. We went for smoothies when his Aunt and Uncle were in town. I tried to get him to try mine off a spoon and he pushed it away. I laughed and said " OOOO, Louis!" and he puckered his lip. We all laughed because it was so unexpected and pitiful. I did learn this worked better than NO NO for when he is touching things he should not. So now it is " OOO, Louis that is not for babies"

                                               Mount Bonnell with Parrain Blake and Aunt Hannah

                                    showing them around UT campus, guess he was hot or relaxing

                                                              Pedernales Falls

                                         Taking a break before going to Barton Springs Pool

                                                          Mama this is some cold water

                                                        standing at the back door

                                                     Watching Daddy graduate!

Pictures with Jack! Jack gets a little more kisses, and beating up by Louis these days.

                            Daddy was saying OOOO, note pouty lip


New night light in the room

Mother's Day at a photo booth at an Antique Market

                                        Out on  a walk with mama, checking out the area near home
                                                 Someone was pooped after the walk!

                                                       Snuggled with Daddy

                                                 sweet play time with table

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