Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting Crazy at 9

Each month Louis' personality and skill level grows.

Some news this month:
1. Skydiving out of baby bed with no chute! ( bed has now been lowered)

2. pulling up to stand in baby bed ( guess this should have been number one).

3. learned to creep and crawl!

4. going from sitting to all fours and vice versa

5. started showing interest in finger foods ( ie melt in mouth peach foam food, and chedder baby cheesy puffs)...still no go on spooned foods

6. now can hold the fat Dr. Brown's bottle with 6-8 ounces ( getting some muscles!).

7. turning over in stroller to get a 360 view ( officially have to use straps now)

8. Seems to sign milk when he is really  hungry ( sometimes both little hands open and close rapidly!)

9. Taking breathing treatments GREAT in high chair ( I think  he knows they help now!)

10. sometimes likes to try and chew on breathing mask

11. Sleeping in his baby bed through the night!

12. Found out how to be hyper and dig in things...haha

13. Started cutting a new tooth on the top right

14. Played in his first little pool

15. Got his first check in his name, not from family or friends!

16. Starting to catch on to " UH UH", but no clue that NO means

17. Trying to figure out what head movements mean...too funny shaking his head side to side and laughing

As you can see Louis has been busy growing and learning ! We were able to read a few booking this month due to some sickness at the beginning of the month. And I finally remembered the new books we looked at last month. Louis even read a few from my childhood! The other books cane from HEB and Target!

Here are a few of my favorite 1st baby pool pictures!

Here are a few of my favorites of the month:

And of course we had our every Thursday photo shoot with jack. Louis likes to pick on Jack these days.  Louis also likes to try and grab mama'a camera!

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