Sunday, April 15, 2012

Busy 8 month, Louis!

We were unable to escape turning a month older and we were unable to escape antibiotics again this month! Louis has 2 cultures from his ENT, and both brought back a different little bug. I told Jared we had a human agar plate for a baby.

Good thing he is so cute.

Louis had a pretty busy month. We took 2 road trips home. The first was a dedicated weekend to the Broussard family. Only Uncle Sean came to Austin for some SXSW things ( he did get to give him kisses before we left Friday).


The first night in town we had a family dinner at Feezo's. At first it wasn't looking like all his aunts and uncles were going to make it, but in the end they did! Louis had a nice time reading the menu and riding a gator at the end of the night with Daddy and Aunt Kaitlin. We were also finally able to get a picture of Louis wearing the onsie Aunt Kaitlin had bought for him before he was born that states " My Aunt is the Best!" He took it with all his Broussard Aunts!


                                   AUNT HANNAH, AUNT RENEE AND AUNT KAITLIN

                                 DADDY AND AUNT KAITLIN IN FRONT OF FEZZO'S

The next day Louis met his cousin Brae for the first time. He was a little rough with her. Good thing they are just babies. I told Brae she better learn to stand her ground now with him. Louis also met Daddy's friend Grant and his wife Tess as well as Daddy's new Godson, Peyton! On the way back to Pawpaw and Granna's after the baptism we stopped by Jared's Nanny's house to visit her and Louis' Great Granny. It was such a sweet moment. He went to sleep next to her in the rocking chair. I could watched her watch him for hours. I hated we had to wake him to go. She was so in love and kept wanting to know how much he weighed!

                                               GREAT GRANNY BERYL

                                             MAMA  AND  COUSIN BRAE
                                           DADDY AND HIS GODCHILD PEYTON

                                                BRAE(ALMOST 8 WEEKS) & LOUIS


The second trip home was a last minute trip for Easter. Jared wasn't able to come for school commitments. We spent the night Friday night at Nanny Grannie Annie's . We didn't get into LA until 1am Friday morning. The rest of Good Friday we spent at Uncle Joel's and Aunt Debbie's house. Louis got to see a few more relatives ( my Mama's half brothers and sisters) and of course "Uncle" Kyle and Cole and Dobell!

Uncle Kyle had a fifties party so we didn't get to see him much. Uncle Cole was over joyed of course ( as well as Uncle Joel, Dobell and Aunt Debbie.) And before we left Mawmaw Gina and Pawpaw Danny had mailed some Easter decor for the yard!
                                KYLE DRESSED UP FOR A 50S THEMED PARTY, DOBELL GAVE TIPS!

                                            "UNCLE" COLE AND LOUIS
                                          COLE, LOUIS AND MAMA

                                              UNCLE JOEL AND LOUIS

Saturday we spent the day at Pawpaw Danny's and Ma Gina's. Both sets of great grandparents were there as well as Uncle Mike and Aunt Prissy and Aunt Stacey. Louis had a wonderful time outside! Mama enjoyed the visit and some yummy crawfish!

                                                MAWMAW NITA AND LOUIS

                                    MA GINA, LOUIS AND PAWPAW DANNY
                                                   AUNT PRISSY

                                                AUNT STACEY

                                                    PAWPAW LOUIS AND LOUIS

We got up early Easter Sunday and Louis celebrated his first Easter. Soon we were packed and back on the road to Austin. Right now 6 hours is about his mark for a ride. At hour seven he gets pretty cranky. When we got back home there was a package from Granna and Pawpaw and one from Pawpaw Danny and Ma Gina. He got some pretty nice Easter gifts. nanny Grannie Annie had given mama some money to also pick him up some cloths on Friday. I think he is set for the summer! Mama enjoyed sitting him in a box of Easter grass!

Prior to Easter  the bluebonnets bloomed in Texas. It is the Texas thing to do with kids is each year have them or as a family take pictures in the bluebonnets. We have been here almost 3 years and we  had not done it! But I didn't want Louis to miss out on his first bluebonnets! He had just started getting sick that weekend so we did a quick 20 min shoot and went home. He wasn't his usual  happy perky self but we still got some cute shots. Below are a few of the favorite! We went see the Easter Bunny later that week. Louis didn't really care about Mr. Bunny. He didn't laugh at him or cry at him. We will have to see what next year will bring with Mr. Bunny!

Louis also had school pictures again this month. The first ones he was about 3 months. Big difference from 3 to almost 8 months. It was cute to watch him take pictures as a bigger baby. He was longer now, interacting more and best of all could now sit up on his own! He is such a little ham! I can't wait to get the CD so I print a non-proofed version!

Louis continues to grow into a little dude. He is sitting up well these days. He has figured out how to use his walker very well. He came come after mama and daddy, and of course get to things that tickle his interest. He still does not want to eat food too much. I bought a y nipple for the Dr. browns bottle and tried food in the bottle as well as food mixed with cereal and formula. I also bought the mesh bag like thing and put frozen goods in it. we also have tried the regular flavored  baby mum mums vs banana. The boy just isn't ready yet! He will take ceral mixed in formula. I (esp the OT in me) let him have a play day one evening with food squirted on his tray and broken up mum mums....yeah he finger painted.

Louis also has increased his babbling. Sometimes it really sounds like he is saying "Hey!"He also says " Dadadadad", when he is mad "mmmmm,mamamammmmm", and when he is playing happy " Heh Heh Heh." He is pretty close to picking up crawling. He turns all over the mat, and goes backwards. He also pushes himself up my body or the mattress. Jared says he does a skull push or something like that (military lingo) because he keeps his head down while getting up on his toes or knees and pushing forward. Towards the end of this week he is getting into quadraped (all fours). I think it is only a matter of time.

This month I don't think we really read many new books. We just reviewed a few ones we already looked at before. As always Louis and Jack took their picture together every Thursday. I hope you enjoy them again!

In other family news Jared was accepted into the trumpet performance DMA program. He and another girl tied and they took them both ( out of many students that auditioned!) He also recently completed his Master's recital and did a great job! I start a new job soon that will be better for us! Thanks for hanging tough through this long 8 month review of Louis!

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