Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lucky 7 Months: 3-11-12

I seems like I was just here typing Louis' six month blog. I know I keep saying each month how fast time flies, but it continues to do fly week by week. Special thanks to Debbie and Dobell for helping is this month so mama could get back to work!

This month Louis continued to be sick, but the later 2 weeks get better and have his first outpatient surgery ( 4 days ago, ear tubes and a sinus wash.) For those last 2 weeks his great grandmother, Lou "Dobell" has been staying with us and helping us a ton. Louis has enjoyed all of her songs, extra love and attention. I think his 4 legged brothers have also enjoyed the extra person to get attention from while Mama and Daddy are gone all day.

Louis did well with his surgery. He only had a little trouble being weaned off of the 02. He was fussy, like normal, for the first few hours after the procedure. He was one mad, hungry, and pissed baby in the recovery right after the procedures. He was so pitiful, swollen, and cute all in one moment.

Last week he also had 2 tests done to rule out aspiration. He had a swallow study and upper GI. The swallow test showed he was not aspirating, but did have some decreased sensation and would have penetration while swallowing, putting him at risk for aspiration. Basically for the next few months his milk has to be thickened with cereal. I think this is due to all the coughing and gagging issues he had when he was so sick for 3 weeks. The ST said it could be that or from GERD or both. We have not got the results from the upper GI to say yay or nay about GERD, but I am betting nay.

Louis also saw a pulmonologist and allergist this month. At this time he has no indoor allergies and was diagnosed with Reactive Airway disease since he did not respond to meds like an "asthmatic" child. The last specialist was the ENT. Louis has a few girlfriends at the ENTs office. Poor kiddo has also had multiple x-rays this month and last. He hasn't even had his 6 months shots yet because of all this crud. He was starting to look like a little drug addict with all the medicine syringes I had laying in the kitchen. He has had a nice list of antibiotics ( by bactrium he poop going down his leg...that was stopped ASAP), fever reducers, and nebulizer treatments ( we love the atrovent.)

Even with being sick, he has still found laughs and become more interactive with us. He loves grabbing your face and trying to eat your nose these days. He also for sure knows his name now. I have tried to feed him food again, but still no success due to the illness setting us back ( he was starting to eat before the big sick.) He is sitting up better than ever. Louis has always enjoyed looking at his hands, and this month they continue to be awesome to him as well as his feet. He has learned the fun of shaking, banging and dropping toys on the floor. He has also learned to go backwards in the new walker I bought him a week ago. He has a little circuit of goodness now in the living room to keep him entertained. His various facial expressions continue to develop and provide hours of giggles in our home.

I found his newest favorite toys at Big Lots for under 8 bucks! Funny it's toy pots. Kids love pots and pans!

Louis has been a busy little bee this month reading. Probably due to the extra time with mama, and mama's passion for Target dollar bins, Dollar Tree and the thrift store this month. We have a ton of Golden Books now! He is really enjoying the books these days. Dobell was so excited that he wanted to try and turn/swat at pages, and his laugh/coos at the pictures. I sure hope he likes reading even a little when he gets older. Many of the little books I got this month have "lessons". Might be useful when he gets older? Anyway, check the selection below! we eve had a book with HOSEPIPE in it ( it was written in TN though.)

Bee book similar to this one, but on the bottom says A Little Lesson. 2011 small world creations...Dollar Tree book!

These are the ones from TN( sparkle books.)

Little Suzy's Zoo Witzy Says No Children's Board Book

Little Suzy's Zoo Wide Awake Witzy Children's Board Book

Hush Little Baby

The last book is adorable and a little steal from Saver's ( Austin thrift store.)

And of course we did all the Jack pictures this month. Dobell was here to help with smiles for 2 of the weeks!

Louis also got to visit with a few folks this month! I did not get a picture of Mark C. (hmmm)

Louis also had his first Mardi Gras ( well no where near LA style since he was sick and in TX, but we still have time) and Valentine's Day!

In closing, Louis is hopefully on the upswing and will have a great month for number 8. I have a feeling daycare is going to be rough since he hasn't been in so long it seems.


PS fajita steam for the first time can be a jaw dropping moment for a baby...we wonder if he thought it was a huge nebulizer treatment

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