Sunday, February 12, 2012

22 weeks to 6 months! HAPPY Half Year Louis!

I wish I knew where the last month went in time. And how did this little man make it to his half birthday already? 

Yep! Yesterday 2-11-12 he was a full 6 months! My little 6 month old who knows how to poke out his bottom lip!

This has been a busy month for him Louis and a sick one. In the milestone area he is finally sitting up ( not perfect but he can hold it for minutes at a time now.)

He is now helping to hold his bottles. The smaller ones are easier due to him having the fat/wide Dr. Brown's bottles. He knows his name now, and knows how to flirt! I was singing a somewhat love song( Loved you for a thousand years) popular from that vampire movie, and he turns his head to the side and bats his eyes at me!

He also does not like to be left alone. He knows how to cry to say he is bored or needs to be changed! He loves to play with Mama and Daddy's mouth and teeth and listen to us talk. When he gets made everything starts with " MMMMM." One day it sounded like he said MmmmaMMMAA, but pretty sure that was just how his mouth moved at the time. 

He loves grabbing things/toys now and putting them right away in his mouth or arm wrestling on the changing table. He has has some increase awareness of cause and effect toys ( those are very interesting.) He also enjoys walks outside and looking at outside. He also enjoys grabbing his car mobile and making it make clicking noises. I am waiting for the motor to kill on it! He is also trying to pet/grab the dogs now when they come by...they don't seem to mind as long as he lets them give him kisses.

Oh and at the end of this month he very interested in Mama's computer, phone and tablet.hehehe

His 2 little bottom teeth are more prominent at the end of this month.

We continue to try baby food. I ordered all my stuff to  make it at home. He was moving more in that direction, but this latest illness has set him back and isn't wanting anything but breast milk or formula. He lost almost pound while he was sick! Poor fella!

Also now that he is sitting he up he can sit up in his bath tub and play with his rubber duckies! He LOVES LOVES LOVES the water! One night he and Mama took a bath together and I laid him in both directions supine and prone. He kicked and splashed his hands and feet. In prone he wiggled his butt like he knew he could go somewhere. He is going to have a lot of fun at the pool this summer.

As I stated above he has been sick a few times this month. This last illness made mama and daddy miss school and work for 2 weeks ( we splint days). He went see an ENT and was found to have 2 bad ear infections and was put on Augmentin which has helped his SO much. We will be going to see a pulmonologist next week to address his ongoing asthma issues. He has been on breathing treatments with albuterol, but it doesn't always help him much.

 Jack is still around. Just so you know I got Jack as a little girl in 1982 from the NOLA zoo. Jack is old enough to be Louis' uncle!Enjoy this  months favorite Jack pictures below:

All photos can be found at the 2 album links below!

Album 1

Album 2

And to close, this month Louis also got his 1st 1st cousin in the Broussard family! Brae was born on 1-30-12! He is 5.5months older than her. They are going to be great playmates!

I almost forgot BOOKS! I picked up some more little books at the dollar store. Here are the books we looked at this month:

Love Song for a Baby

Healthy Monster Triathlon (Sesame Street)
Big Bird's Doctor Visit (Sesame Street)

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