Sunday, January 29, 2012

thirty, thirty-one, THIRTY-TWO

I am not afraid to post my age and the age I will turn on Wed.

Last year I posted this blog for my 31st:

Happy 31 to Me!

I wonder what this new year of life will bring? My 30 year was a wonderful one. I ran my first 1/2 marathon and got even more comfortable in my skin. I was also in one of the greatest cities there is to live in in the lower 48 (hehe). I got pregnant for my first baby that I will have during this 31st year. I celebrated my 1 year anniversary and got a second furry baby Potter. I also got a new car!

Austin this year is giving me some cold as weather for my birthday. My last cool birthday was in 2004 in Anchorage, Alaska. That was one of my best birthdays in my life. Yes, one reason it was in Anchor town, but also it was such a night of youth and excitement. I was surrounded all night by some wonderful sisters! Here are the temps in Alaska that day HERE.

And here are the Texas temps for today! The wind is what makes the actual temp here lower. This is a city full of wind!

Anyway, I look forward to the new year and all the surprises. Here is the link to my best birthday on FACEBOOK!

So how was 31? Fantastic. People sometimes dread turning 30. So far I can not complain about being in the 30s. Sure they are challenging because by this age most of us are full of life responsibilities, but they are so rewarding. 

Things of 31:
1. First baby boy Louis Anthony
2 .Saw Willie Nelson, James Taylor and BB King live
3. Also saw Kings of Leon...Adele should have been on the list but that didn't happen and I skipped out on Weezer because I was so pregnant and miserable 
4. Sharing the joys of pregnancy with my friends near and far and with family
5. Watching my Grandmother take a cruise to live life to the fullest and then to come home and beat the tumor she had growing in her head
6. Watching all my family enjoy Louis
7. I went to few more concerts and saw Ralphie Mae
8. Celebrated 3 years marriage!

I am looking ahead to 32 in high hopes for more memories. I am sure it will not disappoint. But then again that is all up to me. Life is only as good as we make it out to be each day!

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Nancy Pants said...

Yah for being in the 30’s! I know I have somewhat dreaded turning 30 but you make it seem like a wonderful place to be!

I love your line about it being up to true that is! Let’s have another great year girly! <3 you!