Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby Lou's 1st Christmas....

Let's just say I think all the grandparents were more excited about Christmas this year than Louis. I am pretty sure he enjoyed all the attention he got from Thurs to Monday!

We spent Thurs night at Jared's parents house In Scott. Louis got his first gift from Granna and Pawpaw Broussard. It is the giraffe pictured below. I tell you Louis fell in love with that thing. I hooked it to his car seat while driving from place to place over the holidays and he would grab the giraffe's legs and smile. Since he have been home he has LOVED going to sleep with the "Relax mode playing. We have named the giraffe after our friend Geoffrey Grice....I didn't just like Jeoffrey and everytime we said it's name it made me and J say " Geoffrey Grice" ( like our friend would just have to know Bill to understand how to say it).

We spent early Fri until lunch at the Broussard home. We then went meet Jared's new future Godchild Peyton Credeur! He was so cute and little ( only 1 week old at the time). I had forgot what it was like to hold a newborn! We then headed to Baton Rouge so Louis could see his Nanny Becky. He also go to meet Keema and Oompapa ( Becky's parents) for the first time. It was kinda funny for a little while there me and Becky traded babies! She played with Louis and I put Lionel to sleep!

After we left Becky's we went to rest for the evening at the Tullier's ( my aunt and uncle's...aka my second home). There Aunt Debbie, Uncle Cole, Uncle Kyle and Dobell were all waiting to kiss him up! He also got another gift from Dobell. He and Cole played with it later that night. It was so cute to see my last little baby playing with my current baby. I reminded Cole that I was his age when he was born. I love seeing his go crazy over Louis. I was the same way about him when I was his age!

Saturday morning Jared went for his first deer hunting with my Daddy. Louis and me dropped him off (since Louis was up of course) in the morning. We went back later in the morning for Christmas lunch at my Dad and Gina's house. Daddy and J didn't bring any deer home, but we did have some good grub for lunch. Louis again was adored by grandparents and great grandparents. I had a video of him cracking up in his crib. I showed Papa Lou and it brought him to tears and smiles. He kept saying " That's not him. You are lying to your Pawpaw...that's not him." It was so cute. Louis was also a little flirt that day. He was holding on to baby Breigh. She is the sister of my nephew Kane and is a few weeks older than Louis. She did get him back once by grabbing his pacifier! Mawmaw Nita gave Louis this cute dancing Christmas toy. He hadn't really made much of a reaction to these type toys, but this one has 4 little penguins dancing in front of Frosty. He thought those were pretty cool for grabbing! Louis also met his Great Aunt Gail for the first time ( Mawmaw Nita's sister). Ma Gina made us where Santa suits for pictures. She and Daddy did it too. My Dad was so over though. There are a few pictures with the ball of the hat in his face! hehehehe

Smokey was interested in all the babies this Christmas. He wasn't sure what to think of these small humans.

These were in the dollar bin at Target. I couldn't help myself!

After my Dad & Gina's, we went to Nannie Grannie Annie's. We didn't do pictures Christmas Eve with her, but got some Christmas Day in front the tree at Joel & Debbie's. Again Louis got some loving and attention. " Aunt Darlene" (Mama's neighbor) also came over to see Louis.

We went back to Joel and Debbie's for the night. Louis seemed to be exhausted, but perked wide awake when we got to the White Elephant Family Party that the Morgan family has every Christmas eve ( Aunt Debbie's family). Again, Louis got some attention and kisses. Are you seeing a pattern yet? We stayed there until Christmas Day lunch. Louis got to meet Aunt Karen and Uncle Phil, as well as cousin Brad, his wife Summer and daughter( soon to be BIG sister around Louis' 1st birthday). Summer took this very cute picture of Claire practicing with Louis! Louis also took pictures with Dobell, and played with his Uncles ( Kyle, Cole and Joel). Everyone was loving how interactive he was and his wonderful little laughs!

We ended the Christmas holiday journey in Scott back at the Broussard grandparent's home. Louis got to see his Great Granny again, and this time was a happy baby for her! He also got to see his great Aunts on Granna's side of the family and their children. He also played with his Aunt Kaitlin and Aunt Renee. He put his hand on Renee's belly, and we all said he was telling cousin Brae ( due end of Jan) to come out and play already. He also enjoyed seeing the rest of his Aunts and Uncles. Uncle Blake (Parran) and Aunt Hannah got Louis geared up for the Saints with a new Saints outfit and a BREES jersey! Jared was pretty jealous he got a jersey before he has one! Somehow Granna and Pawpaw Broussard escaped my camera! As well as Uncle Sean, Uncle Blake and Uncle David! I will try harder next time!

In all Louis had a fantastic blessed Christmas full of love! I even told Santa just to skip us this year and come next year. He got more than enough toys from family. Some other gifts he got were a DVD player for the car from Dobell, Kyle and Cole gave him their favorite movies ( The Sandlot and The Lion King...I loved this idea!), other DVDs ( Christmas Classic cartoons, Sesame street, and something else), Deb and Uncle Joel also gave him a recordable book for my mama to do, music table/money and LSU shirt from Ma Gina and Pawpaw Danny, musical ball that rolls from Aunt Renee and Uncle David, cute stuffed animal with a story inside from Uncle Sean, car steering wheel with sound from Granna and Pawpaw, giftcards, books, and more items I just cant' remember it all right now and what they gave him!

I really can't wait until next Christmas to see his excitement looking at a tree, opening gifts, and sharing Christmas with family, esp his cousin Brae....they are going to be so cute next year!

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