Tuesday, January 10, 2012

18weeks and now 5 MONTHS!

I can't believe we are 4 weeks away from 6 months. Time flies when you are enjoying a cute and happy baby!

So tomorrow Louis will be a full 5 months. I am just posting the blog a little early.

Louis has met even more milestones this month. He is starting to try to sit up and often falls forward. At 20 weeks he started rolling BOTH ways! Let's just say it's his favorite past time these days when he is put down in his bed or on his play mat. Louis has also discovered that those cute little feet belong to him! So usually it's a grab the feet and roll motion a lot these days.

He also has started to notice his 4 legged brothers Buddy and Potter. We sat in the living room one night with Louis in his little rocker and he looked over at Buddy and began to laugh like he had heard the funniest joke. Yes, our happy baby started having big gut laughs! The cute ones you hear when you tickle the legs! I couldn't get the camera fast enough for the big laughs but I did get him giggling some at Buddy. Later in the week I got his laugh good. Both videos are below:

I also got a video of him rolling. It took 2 takes because he didn't have room at first to make a full roll.

Also this month he is more engaged in his toys and trying to reach for things that are interesting, and moving things from one hand to the next. He has got better at putting the noonie back in after he takes it out ( still a work in progress). His Daddy has spotted him a few times trying to grab the fish on his swing mobile.

I put him to sleep one night in his baby bed vs pack & play. I was fine with it and excited. Well, poor daddy was worried to pieces. Was he breathing, he couldn't see him breath or him well enough, could he please be back in the room with us. He also asked me if he was old enough to sleep in the bed, I chuckled and told him yes since the day he was born. It was so cute. He did sleep for 5-6 hours that night in his bed. When is daddy is a little closer to ready and he sleeps a few hours longer I will make a permanent movie.

I have also tried some food with Louis. Although amazingly he isn't all that interested yet. I did some homemade and did some store bought organic. He hasn't been to happy with sweet potato, so/so with bananas and apples, care less about brown rice cereal, and pears were better than bananas. I will keep trying every few weeks. I figure he will let me know when he wants the food. Below are the never released photos of food tries ( I have sub-par video of the cereal...not worth posting):

Books for this month are below. I read to him the books from my childhood that I had saved for Christmas. We also continue to read his bible. I had trouble reading the cajun one..haha.

Two McDonald's Santa Claus THE MOVIE Books

Santa's Cajun Christmas Adventure

I got the next 4 at the dollar store!
Cuddly Piglet (Pot-bellied Buddies)

Product Details

Cuddly Puppy/Cuddly Piglet/Cuddly Frog/Cuddly Kitten (Pot-Bellied Buddies)
Item image

Louis also celebrated his first New Years in style....right. Yes, and we were all asleep long before midnight in LA. We did watch the ball drop in NYC on TV. He also had his first Christmas, but that has already been blogged.

To celebrate the New Year Louis' first 2 bottom teeth have broke the skin and are showing! I will take a picture once they are out more. I weighed him last week at 17.8 pounds. At his appoint on Dec 12th he was 25 inches long. He is getting to be a big boy.

In case you were wondering....Jack is still posing every Thursday!

IN closing LSU's season ended undefeated only to be beat in the National Championship. Louis is still a fan, but says let now focus on the Saints! WHO DAT!

Click here for all 5 month photos on FB!

First Christmas 1

First Christmas 2

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