Sunday, December 11, 2011

4 Months & First Santa

Our little man continues to grow! We go Monday for his 4 month follow up. (UPDATE HE WEIGHED 17LBS AND WAS 25 INCHES LONG!)

He is now tolerating tummy time much better. He is holding his head up at 90 degrees. He hasn't done a full roll yet though. He will roll to his side when he is laying on his back. He hasn't figured out the roll from his tummy yet. He usually gets frustrated and buries his head into whatever he is laying.

He continues to be a very happy baby and laughs even more little gut laughs then before. Sometimes I swear he laughs at his self . He started watching football more intently this month and was able to enjoy the last few games of LSU's perfect season.

He also did his first Turkey Trot with us! We only did the 1 mile walk this year, because I was pretty sure he wouldn't make the 5 mile without getting fussy.

We have continued to read this month. I am hoping we get some new books from Santa and family. We have some Christmas books to read for the next month! Here is what we have been reading this month:

Precious Moments Little Prayers -- Golden Books Board Book
How to Hide a Butterfly and Other Insects (Reading Railroad)

The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories (Beginner's Bible, The)
I think we read 1-2 more but I can't recall. Most of the past few readings have been from the bible. He got 2 bibles for his Baptism. I saving the other one for him to read on his own when he gets older.

We have continued our Jack pictures. I think I will do them weekly for the first year. Anyway, enjoy this months selection below:

Yesterday he went and saw Santa for the first time. I went early and was very thankful. About time he got up to Santa he was ready for some sleep. The last shot of the day he buried his head in Santa's beard! We got some really cute shots with no crying baby! YAY!

It has been a fun month with Louis. We have enjoyed is ever emerging little personality. I will update his new weight and length Monday evening after his appointment!

I have not revealed our Christmas card yet, but here are a few cute ones of Louis by the tree! All pictures from this month can be found HERE!

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