Thursday, October 13, 2011

Boogers and Back Seat Blues

 I wanted to share to mommies and mommies to be 2 products that I have recently tried with Louis that have made him and me happier!

Louis for his second month birthday got the sniffles. As with all children that means nasty little baby boogers! So what do most mama's use for such an occasion?

Hospital's Choice Newborn Nasal Aspirator - Safety 1st  - Babies"R"Us
Something all babies that I have known have dreaded ( scream/cry)... the nasal aspirator! My son is no different. Only about 20% of the time did he not scream. Before he was born and I did my baby registry, I had registered for a product I had read about called the NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator. I did not get it as a gift, but no surprise there because it is a weird looking thing and something out of the norm for most people, and also a buy online only item with BRUS.

Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator - Nosefrida  - Babies"R"Us

Basically this works by the parent using their own suction power to get those nasty boogers! I eyed it again online due to Louis' nose and thought I should order it and give it a try for him. Lucky for us both on a trip to Buy Buy Baby to get a humidifier, there they were for all to see and buy! It does cost a little more than the average aspirator, and when you look at what you get for it, you may think it is overpriced.

GET IT ANYWAY! No longer does Louis SCREAM to clean his nose! And in the end I have a happy smiling and cooing baby because he can breathe ( and probably thinks mama is crazy making those sounds and sucking stuff out of his nose)! It has a small filter that they say to change each time you use it. I have not done so ( and a a few reviews I read others have not either). The filter could probably be leaned with hot soapy water and dried. I think the company probably does this for their own health care we label it CYA ( cover YOUR ass). After all, you know SOMEONE out there would wanna sue that a product made their baby sicker or get sick.

And  for the record, none of his snot rockets have made it up to the filter, and I have not eaten any boogers ( besides only GATORS EAT BOOGERS and we are TIGERS).

Product number two was for  the Back Seat Blues. Louis is usually happy in the mornings now when I bring him to daycare, and coos little ditty in his car seat. However, for evening rides and rides over 15 mins he would start crying then scream crying. I looked on some Mama boards and saw we were not alone, and I had already tried some things they had to make him be happy. The only ones I had not tried was putting down the window for noise affect (fail when I did try it) and go ahead and putting him in a convertible seat ( oh no, he is OS not ready for that big of a seat). I had braced myself that it was going to be a long few months until he grew out of this or even longer until he could face forward..YIKES! Then on that same trip to Buy Buy Baby I saw this little gem:

Tiny Love 3-in-1 Mobile -  Tiny Love - Toys"R"Us
This folks is a small 3-1 mobile (made by TIny Love) that can be used on a car seat, stroller, and portable crib. I wasn't able to get it that day, but went back by the weekend to pick it up! Louis LOVES his mobile in his bed so I thought maybe this will work. Now, his crying has not completely stopped, but we have went from SCREAMING to a few fussy wines! He has even went to sleep a few times! This mama has not been so happy about a product. It makes driving easier for me, and Louis' blues a little less blue!

One last thing, if you have a Buy Buy Baby near you check it out! I love it compared to BRUS! They are with Bed, Bath & Beyond. They only have a few stores nationwide. I think if they had more they could give BRUS a run for their money..EASY. They are far better staffed and organized ( yes like the bath store only BABY stuff) than BRUS!

That's all I have folks! Hope you find the info useful!

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