Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2 Months

I completely forgot to do a little post for Louis' 2 month birthday last week.

He is now 14 lbs , 12 oz and is 24 inches long. He is above the 50 percentile for his size and weight for his age. Another words my baby boy is getting too damn big!

He will be getting baptized at the end of this month and closer to his 3 month birthday. A week ago I took him to a local church to take some pumpkin/Fall pictures. He was so patient and good for mama.

 Some people said he looked like a HOBO here! So I said I guess we found his Halloween costume. Cutest hobo I have ever seen in Austin!
He also started daycare at 2 months, and is doing well. He only had one day of bad poops, but it was the day after the 2 month shots ( that he did NOT like!). He didn't have any reactions to the shots and came home and slept most of that day.

What are the new things he is doing at 2 months? His laughs are getting much louder and meaningful. He laughs the best with his daddy. I have missed the good gut laughs, but I did catch a few on video.

As mentioned in the previous post we are getting better with the backseat blues. This week we did have to add the nuni. Mama is getting better at reaching back to return it to his mouth! He is also getting better at holding his head up and controlling his head ( although it is not perfect yet). To get better tummy time I went buy him a new play mat. This can fold up the sides which helps keep jealous brothers from crashing the party. Although one of them stole the stuffed musical part on day one before Louis got to play in it and drug it outside in the dirt. They thought it was for them I guess. Siblings.

Louis has also starting taking the pacifier at naps and bedtimes. This has been a blessing for all of us. I think he would take to thumb sucking too, but he hasn't problem solved how to extend his thumb and suck. He LOVES to talk ( must have got that from ME!). He has many conversations with Mama and Daddy. Sometimes he says some serious things ( heavy brows and all) in a deep voice. He has also done a few Skype session with his Great Grandmother, Dobell. I know he hears her, but I don't think he has figured out to look at the computer picture yet.

Right now Louis favorite hobby is swinging. We also have been trying to read to him at night before bed.
Here are the books we have done thus far:

Mama's Bayou

Goodnight Tigers
On the Day You Were Born: Book and Musical CD
I Udderly Love You Ver 1 (Kate Toms Series)

I have also tried 2 carriers with Louis. He at first mostly loved the Moby, and mama did too because it helped me get shopping done! But now he is starting to like the Ergo more or do better in the Ergo. I am liking the Ergo more too since he is getting heavier ( stretches the Moby out). We also started taking walks around the neighborhood, and hopefully do more of these in the coming months since the triple digits have calmed down.

It has been another fun, loving and growing month with Louis. Like his Nanny Granny Annie says, Jack better watch out!

FB album 1

FB album 2

We can't wait to see what the next month brings ( besides more pounds and inches)!

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New Orleans Lady said...

I love the hobo picture!! That was my favorite one!!

And I sure wish I knew before that they made a play mat that folded up. I definitely needed something to keep all siblings (of the furry and not-so-furry variety) away!