Monday, September 26, 2011

My Mama told me you better shop around!

The older I get and the more bills that get added to my life I find myself looking more for the most bang for my buck ( because things are also getting MORE expensive these days)!

As posted earlier I am nursing Louis which means I often have sore and at times leaky boobs! Yes, the beautiful side of nursing a baby. Thus, I had purchased these breast pads for my nursing tanks and bras. As you can see they are somewhat pricey. I bought the first box BRUS and the second box from Walgreen's. This shows a 36 count box, but I had 60 count boxes that cost about 10 bucks.

Last week I started to run out of these wonderful little pads, and for whatever reason I decided to checkout AMAZON.COM to see if they were CHEAPER! Well was I shocked. I could get not one or two but FOUR boxes for a little over 20 dollars with FREE shipping! Now when I opened them once they arrived I realized my last box had been the ultra plush and these were not. I was concerned it may not be as comfortable, but to my surprise there was not much difference ( and trust me I would have felt the difference!). I almost liked these better because they were not as plush ( but still confy) and did not bunch up as much or show through the shirt ( as the box advertises). Also for whatever reason the sticky stuff on the back of this type was better than the ultra plush.

So ladies who are nursing..order form AMAZON and save some money!

Also a thought that cam to mind about these. You know how sometimes you have a dress or shirt that for whatever reason you don't want to or the design doesn't permit a bra? SO usually then end up at Victoria's Secret paying way too much for the stickers to stick on your boobs so that your nipples don't show. Well I think these could be used for that too! Like I said they don't show, they are comfortable, and probably half the price of those expensive Victoria's stickers that usually only come a few to a box!

Anyway, that's my silly mom tip of the day!

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