Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monkeys Throw Poop...and Louis does too?

So many of you have heard the joke about going to the zoo and being careful as to not piss the monkeys off because they will throw their feces at you! I often tell Louis he is my little monkey because of all the little monkey coos/sounds he makes when he talks to me ( plus I love monkeys and Louis' room is full of them!).

So what does monkey poop and Louis have in common?

Our first week home Jared was changing Louis' diaper on the changing table on the Graco pack & play. My grandmother and me were watching, and all of a sudden hear "blllpphhhh" ( from lil man's butt) and see Jared jumping up and down and dancing around a bit saying " NO NO NO...OH shot everywhere!" We were laughing so hard. It was such a funny and cute father's first moment. I even put it in his baby book. Poor baby had passed gas and poop had shot straight out and went vertical and almost hit the floor.

Fast forward to the end of August ( he is almost 4 weeks old) and we make our first trip to Louisiana with Louis. The last day and a half we stayed at Jared's parents house. By this time we were all tired and ready to go home ( it can be exhausting visiting so many people at once!). I managed to catch some Zs Labor Day morning on the sofa. I am awakened by the sound of my father-in-law cracking up and Jared's famous saying again as though something dirty just happened. I didn't even have to look at my FIL to know he was laughing so hard he was crying ( and this doesn't happen often). 

I go to see what happened, but before I can I hear my FIL telling my MIL that Jared was changing Louis on the floor and again he had projectile poop and it was all over Jared and some on the floor. My FIL kept laughing for the next 3 hours every time he thought about it. He stated it was such a "priceless" father moment.

Fast forward again to last week to me changing Louis' diaper on the pack & play changing table in our room. I must be smart or something, but i stand on the side when I do this dirty duty. So I am almost done changing and again I hear " bppphhh" and i see a few drops of poop, and I say " Oh Louis, I had just cleaned you Buddy!", and then I see that there is a trail and I look to my bed and behold my monkey has had projectile poop again and it went on my sheets! All I could do was laugh, and think about writing this silly little blog about my monkey throwing his poop!

So if you ever babysit Louis don't ever tell me I didn't warn you!

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