Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First 30 Days: LAB

It's hard to believe it'a already been 30 days since Louis was born and we became parents in this moment:

Our little angel covered in poop ( ie meconium)! The first thing I heard was his cry and then I saw his big feet and hands! I also got to watch Jared go crazy with the camera and be in awe of his son.

On August 11, 2011 he was born at 11:52am. He weighed 7 lbs and was 19 inches long. We were a happy family!

We stayed the required 3 days on the hospital. We were visited by Jared's parents and my parents ( even my Daddy made a late day last minute drive to meet hom...nice surprise!), as well as Aunt Debbie and Great Grandmother Lou "Dobell" ( who also so kindly stayed with us for the first 2 weeks...thanks for the help!). We also had multiple friends from Austin come by to meet Louis at the hospital.

Going home was an exciting day! Although Louis' outfit was a little big for him. It said newborn, but fit more like 3 months! He also had on a pair on white and yellow shoes that were mine when I was a baby. He was so tiny and so handsome!

First week home was a challenge for all of us ( including the 4 legged brothers!). We all had to learn about each other and new rules of the house....oh and the new sleeping patterns. I was healing and needed the help from Jared and my grandmother. Buddy and Potter loved Louis right away and wanted to lick his head and whatever else allowed to give him kisses. Potter didn't like to hear him cry ( and still doesn't) and would check on him. Potter still makes sure he knows were Louis is located in a room and if he is doing ok...it is really sweet. I have posted numerous pictures on FACEBOOK for the first month.

I did take Louis' picture each week with the ape Jack that was also mine when I was a little girl and I have now given to Louis. This series of photos have been very entertaining!

I have tried to document as many "firsts" and little important little things as possible. Again these pictures can be found in the facebook album above. His first big trip was to Louisiana. He met his step-mawmaw, great grandparents, great aunts/uncles, and aunts/uncles. He was passed to so many arms. He was so tired at the end of each day! He also had his first LSU game day and had 3 outfits for that! Photos of the visit can be seen in THIS album! He has many 4 generations pictures! One important person he met was the man that gave him his first name, my Papa Louis AKA Papa Lou. It was such a sweet moment. Here are 2 of my favorite photos( ok so 3)!

It took him 3 days after getting home to get back to normal. His schedule had been messed up with the trip. Today he went to his pedi for the 1 month visit. Louis now weighs 11.5 lbs, 22 inches long and a head circumference of 15.5 inches. He is getting to be a big boy! Everyone is Louisiana calls each week to ask about him and look on Facebook for new photos EVERYDAY! He even had his first Skype call with Great Grandmother Dobell this week!

It has been so fun, tiring and exciting to have Louis. Some days it makes me sad that relatives that have passed away are not here for me to see them enjoy him. But I try to console myself that they help pick him to send to me and Jared. Louis is becoming more and more interactive each day. He coos and laughs at us. I tell him he makes monkey noises, and he sounds like a rooting puppy when he is getting ready to feed!

We have also picked his god parents ( Blake-Jared's brother and Becky-my friend from college AKA adopted sister). He will be hopefully baptized the last weekend in October.

We are so blessed to have Louis. I still look at him in amazement some days that he is my kiddo, and part me and part Jared. Life is amazing!

Sorry for the long blog. I will try to be better posting smaller snippets of Baby Lou (or Babu as Dobell calls him!).

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