Monday, August 15, 2011

Louis' Journey from womb to world

Louis arrived on Thursday August 11, 2011 at 11:52 am weighing 7 pounds and measuring 19 inches..THE END!

I'm kidding.

I went in to my OB on Monday August 8th and I had still had not dilated and Louis had not dropped. I was then scheduled to go to the hospital on Wed evening to have a drug applied to my cervix to help it "soften" and start the labor process by hopefully getting my cervix to dilate to 2 cm.The following Thurs morning they would start the pitocin drip.

The night before I did research on the drug used to soften the cervix and outcomes. And it was all a toss up as it what it would do for my labor process. There were also different forms for these drugs: a gel, tampon type of thing and a pill.

All day Wed I tried to deal with the nerves waiting for the evening the come. I turned on spotify and listened to Stevie Wonder all day and took care of things around the house. Jared's parents made it in from Louisiana a few hours before we had to leave for the hospital.

We got to the hospital a little early and checked in and got to our labor room. I ended up having the tampon type form of the medicine ( rather flat looking thing with a string). And I will tell you if it were a real tampon it isn't one I would buy again, not comfortable at all! Anyway, I had this in by 6pm and with in the hour I begin to have some small contractions.

By the midnight hour I was feeling a little bit stronger contractions. The first few hours I didn't feel them at all. With the stronger contractions also came complications with Louis. With each contraction he would have a drop in HR after it was completed. However he didn't do this consistently it was one minute good and the next minute not. I was also hating the hospital bed. For some reason it had a gap near the bottom of it, which when forced to lay on your side for hours can be an issue not help in being comfortable. That tampon didn't feel so great either.

I had to be checked of course numerous times and the lovely meds of the tampon made this more fun. I think that was more painful than the contractions I had shortly before the epidural. I am pretty sure I told my ob to "get out" during one of those sessions. They then started the pitocin 6am on Thursday. So of course the contractions were stronger, but at least more consistent than than the ones during the night (ranging from 1-4 minutes and varying times apart).

Before all the labor people would ask if I was going to get an epidural or not. I was not totally against or for it either way. I was going to try without if I could, but get it if I couldn't do it. I will never know probably if I can/could have done the natural child labor. Due to the complications with Louis with contractions I was not allowed to walk around, use the shower, or use the ball. I would feel better when allowed to go to the bathroom. Before they told me they were going to proceed with the c-section I was already thinking about it in my own head. Only being able to lay on your left or right side for hours at a time while in pain and with the possibility of having to stay that way for 12+ hours to deliver a baby sounded like hell to me when all I wanted to do was MOVE!

So needless to say I got the epidural which did help, but within the hour my doctor had decided on the c-section because Louis stress with the contractions was not improving and I was only a little over 2cm. At 11ish I was rolled to the surgery room. Getting a c-section was just weird. A surgery room is so unwarming and when laying there like a piece of meat unable to see your bare body being exposed to all these people who are walking around having general conversation as you await your just feel STRANGE. I think being awake in that situation made me feel more anxious then the thought of being "cut" open. Which I felt NOTHING during the section. I barely felt the pressure of Louis getting taken out of the womb.

I think the most amazing sound was hearing his little cry right after he was taken out and then seeing his big feet and hands on the baby cradle minutes later. I couldn't cry. It was too exciting and beautiful of a moment to finally see the little bump that had been dancing in my belly days before, and seeing my husband's face change in front of me from not being a dad to being a dad and not being able to take his eye or the camera off of his son.

It was a great day. By the end I was tired as hell, and looked like it with nappy hair and all. I managed to give Louis his first feeding in the recovery room. I slept most of the rest of the day. I did get a very surprising visit form my Daddy who drove in 7 hours to visit Louis for a few hours only to have to leave again to be at work the next day.

Friday my mom, grandmother and Aunt joined my in-laws in loving on Louis. He was also visited by his Aunties Alicia, Meredith, Whitney, Lauren and Heather. Whitney's brother Jeff also came, as well as Jared's friends Josh and Mike.

We are so blessed to have Louis. And can't wait to continue to share funnny stories and moments we will have with him!

PS I apologize if any of this was TMI for some of you!

More photos can be seen in the FACEBOOK ALBUM!


M said...

Congrats Danya! He's such a handsome little guy. I know you are so relieved that he's finally here! I can't even imagine how you felt in that operating room...that has definitely got to be a strange feeling, as you described. -Mika

Pam said...

Congratulations Danya!! He is beautiful! I'm glad he's healthy and that things went okay for you! I'm sure a section was odd--great description. I didn't even think about how people would be there talking about things with you being awake. That has to be weird. So happy for you guys!!!