Friday, August 19, 2011

Breast feeding pillows

I should totally be sleeping right now, but I had to write a small blog about these little pillows.

While I was pregnant I asked other friends and message boards for advice on multiple baby items. I even often had advice given about certain products. One of these products were breast feeding pillows.

A majority of ladies seem to like/have the Boppy pillow. I had also seen multiple cute babies laying in one in pictures on facebook. So of course I added this to my baby registry and got it at my baby shower as a gift.

A little later in my pregnancy a friend from college , Pam (read her mommy blog), told me about the Brest Friend Pillow ( and yes many have commented on the bad name of the product). She told me that this little pillow was amazing, allowed you to be hands free and to bring it to the hospital with me!

I did a little more research on the Brest pillow and women seemed to love it. I didn't get it as a gift so I went out and bought a lovely deluxe one in the mint green color. I added to the pile of things to go to the hospital.

After having Louis I did not have this pillow for the first 36 hours or so. Positioning with a sore abdominal region and laying in hospital bed was not fun for breast feeding and I often had to use both hands to position his body and work on my body positioning for good latching ( and then sit and readjust as needed for 15-30 minutes at a time...tiring).

Jared was finally able to get time to go to the car once the family made it in Friday and brought the pillow to the room. Breast feeding got so much easier! The pillow helped position Louis' body in a good position so all I had to focus on was my position to him and getting him latched on for feeding. Once set up we were good and I was hands free with only a few times needing to readjust! Money well spent!

Since I have been home I have kind of been using both pillows. Due to me having a c-section and having some tenderness at times with the abdominal region sometimes the boppy is more comfortable. Also because Louis is small it feels like sometimes he fits better on the Boppy. I would have to say overall I enjoy the Brest pillow more. It allows more freedom to complete other tasks while feeding. You can also stand and walk around with it because it goes all around the body and is strapped in place! It is nice not having to be completely tied down to a chair!

I do think the Boppy is a nice pillow and great for positioning baby on the other way to sit them in an upright position. It can also be a relief on days you are a little more sore than usual from a c-section.

I just bought my freestyle breast pump. Once I get to using it I will post on how that works out!

OH and today is Louis' one week birthday! We all made it! We love him so much, and he so far is an awesome baby. I am hoping out luck doesn't run out!

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Pam said...

I am so glad you liked the pillow! I wish I had had it in the hospital too. Can't wait to have it from the start with this baby!