Friday, July 15, 2011

Payback sometimes sucks...

So I am always giving Jared a hard time about crying when he sees little girls cry on TV, and usually crack up laughing when it happens while watching a movie with him.

Since I am all preggers and emotionally crazy right now he has got me a few time, but not bad. So today he tells me to come watch this, and had paused the TV for me.

Not only did I cry. It was like the explosive cry that goes to laughing. I told him I couldn't watch it! It wasn't that it was a death sad, it was so sweet and heartbreaking sad. The kid is so cute, and when the baseball coach told the story of him putting his little hat down and about the tears....oh good grief....BOOM came the tears and the explosiveness.

Jared got a good laugh like I usually do at him. Check.

I will get him back I swear!

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