Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If my son ever acts so disrespectful like you. He will be black and blue!

So I had ( what I will call) a senior moment today. And I am not talking about a poor short term memory or needing to wear briefs.

It was one of the moments where I wasn't going to give a damn about what society thought was "normal" today, and I was going to speak my mind to make the world a better place.

I know you are wondering what the hell I am talking about.

Here is the story:

After work today I stopped by the local HEB ( local Texas large chair store) for groceries. I park my car where I always park ( ok maybe this is somewhat something a senior would do too)and I exit my car.

The first thing I hear after shutting my door " MOVE BITCH GET OUT WAY, GET AWAY BITCH...MOVE BITCH." Now I have enjoyed this song a few times myself. However, there were would looked to be at least 3-4 children ( I would call them little assholes though) sitting in the back of a large double cab Ford with the windows down SCREAMING this at the top of their little lungs with the radio at full volume.

I look around and see actually 2 senior men, one 2 cars down from me and one very near their car. I was DISGUSTED! I don't care if they sing the song, but they were purposely making a scene to get attention. At this point I was disappointed.

I begin tracking my way to the store. I hear them saying things like " Get is Grandpa." I almost LOST it! They were then finding other people in the parking lot to harass..look at that lady..blablabla.

I had to force myself to enter the store and not go over to the truck. I had heard one more " Old Man" comment before entering.

I had full intention of going tell the little ungrateful shits what I thought of them. It is fine to sing the song, but don't insult your elders or the peace!

But I figured I didn't need to start any fights in the HEB parking lot and put myself or Louis in danger or get charges pressed against me for telling the little ungrateful kids off ( you know in today's world it would happen).

Anyway, if I EVER see or hear my son do something like that...may God bless him and he better pray I don't kill him.

PS These were also some very white little children. Made it even worse because they had bad timing and couldn't sing well either]

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