Saturday, March 26, 2011

Louis Anthony Broussard!

It's a boy! So on Thursday we went for our anatomy screen and hid our eyes when they did the sex for the baby. He was 14 ounces and had a heartbeat of 150. For dinner we went to Sao Paulo's next to the UT campus. My coworkers ( Alicia, Meredith and Victoriya) joined us for the dessert. I had already given the waiter the football and ladybug decors as well as the card with boy or girl circled and with the sonogram picture. My coworkers had brought balloons (congrats, it's a boy, it's a girl). Below is the picture before we found out.
Our Yummy Tres Leches cake

This was me just seeing a ladybug and not that the football was still on the cake!
After we found out!
Proud "Aunties" Alicia (dreamed it was a girl) & Meredith ( KNEW it was BOY)!

The balloons from the co-workers.

Set-up used for my Mama, Daddy/Gina and the Tulliers

Happy Mawmaw Ann & her neighbor Darlene.

Enjoy the full video below. After we enjoyed a concert by the SF Jazz...great night. I have also included videos of other responses. My mama would not let me video her, but I did get a picture. She jumped up and down and was SOOO glad she had her boy..I should have did a video anyway. My step mom was confused when I took the ladybug off and thought it was a girl at first...hehe. My cousin Cole was so excited he couldn't look up, even after I revealed it was a boy..his mama had ot make him look up. The girlfriends were excited, esp Jill because she said SHE KNEW it was a BOY! Jared's mom and dad were great! Jared skyped with from Austin! Mr. Geary was all teared up!

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