Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Mawmaw ;-(

So today was my Mawmaw Mary's birthday. I miss her dearly everyday. I sweat being pregnant has made it worse. On my most emotional days I want her here so I can celebrate with her. She was another mother to me, and I mean another mother. But I was not sad today. I tried to think of all the things I am blessed for in life, and how happy I know she is looking down on me from Heaven.

That being said, there was some news today that I just heard. News that brings up pain and heartbreak for our family. Without a doubt this incident in 1998 has forever changed my family, and for some not really for the better. I have no doubt this is part of the reason my grandmother passed away so soon. She was one of the strongest women I ever knew, but the heartbreak this brought her was so unfair. Many in my family wanted to blame on her and said she many of these things. I was there, she didn't know the half of it. And what she did know was no more that what the rest of the family should have known. I think they all hold a little guilt.

I hated to tell my family what I knew of my grandfather's illness. I never wanted to tell them for as long as I lived. I had forgiven him when I was almost 11 years old. I didn't want to tell, not to protect him, but to protect my family member's. I didn't want to see the pain, agony, and suffering, but in the end that's exactly what I saw in 1998. To this day, my family suffers and some are still unable to come to grips with it all.

This is why I am so sad and mad this news comes out on my grandmother's birthday. She wouldn't want us to be sad or have to relive it all. Mawmaw supported Pawpaw without a doubt for better and for worse as best as she could, and at the same time trying to take care of herself and family. I don't think I will ever have someone like her again in my life, she is irreplaceable.

WEST BATON ROUGE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - A convicted sex offender was set free after serving only half his sentence, but there was catch: he had to be castrated first.

Francis Tullier, 78, was accused of sexually molesting six people back in the 1970's and 1980's.

He pled guilty in 1999 to three counts of molesting a juvenile. As part of the plea deal, he agreed to be castrated.

The operation was performed Thursday.

"I hope it would be a deterrent for sex offenders and I hope maybe we could explore this more often in sex offender cases," said Major Richie Johnson with the West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office.

Tullier was scheduled to be released from prison in 2024. 9 News has been told he will be living somewhere in Iberville Parish.

What disturbs me even more, is that this face looks nothing like the grandfather I knew. I haven't seen him since 1999/2000

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Nancy Pants said...

Heartbreaking....thinking of you and sending you love...