Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am a King Cake!

I am sweet and have a small baby in my belly!

So my last post was somewhat silly, but it was to mark the special occasion of Jared and me finding out we were having the first Broussard bambino(SURPRISE)!

So the Thursday before I went and bought a cheap test ( Walgreen's brand). It came out negative, but it was a weird negative. But I thought owell I will get Aunt Flo next week. Then on Tuesday 11-30-10 I went to buy my four legged babies food. Potter has big 30 pound bags of food! So when I picked his up and it hit my belly I had a funny feeling. I knew I had never felt that odd feeling in my belly. Thus my gut made me go right after back to Walgreens and picked up a box of First Response. I took my first test a 5pm, and the first line appeared ASAP and then followed by the second line. I pretty sure my heart fell to my toes and I lost feeling in my hands and said an internal "Oh Shit" and "Wow" at the same time.

Mr. Broussard had a gig that evening at 7pm which meant he would not be home until almost 9pm! He was available to call at 5ish, but I could not tell him that news over the phone..ahha. So I had no one to tell! So I thought about it and decided to call some of my closest friends from High School and college who have babies and tell them the news. Becky, Julie and Jill were all excited, and could not wait for Jared's reaction.

So for the next few hours I didn't know what to do with myself. I called Jared when his gig should have been long over, and he answered and told me he was having a beer with the boys and would be home in about 45 minutes. Well I swear an hour went by and NO HUSBAND! So, I called again and asked if I was going to see him in waking hours and what happened to 45 minutes. I later found out the boys thought I was being a nagging wife, but they totally understood later.

So at about 10ish pm Jared comes home. I tell him I am not feeling well and if he will get me the thermometer off the back of the toilet. So I hurry and get my cell phone ready for recording and my small canon ready for a still shot. I make my way outside the bathroom door ( that is closed) waiting and waiting trying not to laugh. Then the proud papa opens the door looking cute still in his tux saying over and over again " Are you SERIOUS?" He later said life gave him a quick kick in the balls along with a jolt of excitement.

We told our parents the weekend of Dec 4th ( it was my mama's birthday). We went to my first appointment on Dec 1st. I found out I was about 6 weeks, and the due date would be around August 4, 2011. I also found out that my uterus is "heart-shaped" and I will be at risk for pre-mature labor and breach baby.

I have a 12 week follow up on Jan 24th. I went at 10 weeks and we heard the heartbeat! I am also posting the 10 week sonograms I asked for in my last appointment.

I am feeling ok. My nausea is better. I still suffer from serious food aversions. I had lost 5 pounds when I went to my second appointment, but sure I will get it back haha. I didn't want chocolate forever. Just this week it tastes good again and it gives me bad heartburn..go figure.

Oh and please enjoy the video of Jared' priceless response!

More posts to come soon!


Pam said...

SOOOOO excited for you two!!! Awesome news!!!

The Broussard Family said...

thank you Pam!