Monday, January 24, 2011

Damn Sunday Morning news!

So every Sunday morning we usually watch the Sunday Morning show on CBS think ( the one with the sun as the logo).

Anyway, this week they did a story on Alzheimer's. After working in a rehab/nursing home and watching my step-mother's grandmother battle the disease I have a soft spot in my heart for families that battle and lose their loved ones.

They showed a few stories of people in the later stages, a woman who was diagnosed at age 52 in the early stages, and a few more. Then to close the story the reporter reports in his own wife. He had to have her in an assisted living because he was no longer able to care for her. They show him visiting her, and she has no idea that he is her husband. She tells him about a man that she loves, that they do this and that together, and she can't wait to spend more time with him. He knows she is talking about him, and he sits there and cries.

At this point, I am holding my breath and trying not to bawl. Then at the end he talks how he is dating another woman who also lost her husband to the disease, and how no one can judge them unless they have been in the same shoes. He then states how the girl friend calls his wife her friend, and that she knew getting into the relationship it would always be one of three ( again trying NOT to cry).

He closes with that the woman he fell in love with and married is long gone, but that he tries to live each day how his wife would have wanted him too. OH BABY JESUS...LOST IT!

I hit Jared with the book I was reading and told him damn him for letting me watch that. Then while crying I started cracking up at myself for crying, and said " Stupid HORMONES"...then I cried again, laughed, cried and laughed.

Sigh, Jared gave me crap for the rest of the day.

I told him I pray it's a girl in there, and she is going to make him cry so I can laugh.

Had my 12w appointment today. The doctor said the baby is growing great. The heart rate was 158. The baby was doing a head stand today, throwing it's head back and putting it's hands on it's face. Poor baby also had hiccups. Glad I can't feel those yet.

Here is the better ultrasound picture from today. The arrow points to the nose!


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