Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey + Duck + Chicken = Thanksgiving

I really wanted to go home for Thanksgiving weekend this year, but due to matters not in my control this was not possible. This year we had a relaxed, small and quiet day all to ourselves and the 4-legged children.

I did the 5 mile Turkey Trot for the second year in a row. Jared chose not to do it this year. So I started the race with Ruth ( friend from LSU).

I really wanted to run more of the race, but due to my hiatus from training, running and working out I am pretty sure I walked 4/5 miles. I took it more to have exercise before eating to many calories.

I told Jared I am starting to think I may need to switch to biking. I really would like to run better, but even when I am training I have had difficulty. I am not ready to give up on it completely. I just don't know impact wise for poor knees and ankles that like to over-pronate even with shoes made for severe over pronation if I am going to have a continuous uphill battle with running.

Anyway, that being said the trot was fun. It was cloudy day, but nice to be outside. I returned home and took the Turducken out of the slow cooker ( it cooked about 6 hours) and put it in the oven for the final hour to brown. It turned out fantastic! We also had boudin to nibble on while we waited the hour.

I am not so much in Christmas spirit yet this year. Jared is bursting at the seems, but he LOVES Christmas ( prob why he proposed Christmas Day morning!) I did have a little flurry of it when we went see a movie lately at one of the outdoor malls here in Austin, called the Domain. Below is a picture of one of the small trees there. Other than that things are calm here in the Broussard home until Christmas.

Oh I almost forgot, Buddy and Potter had Merrick's Thanksgiving dinner (in a can) with a side of pumpkin for their Turkey Day. They were pretty excited!

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