Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Run Turkey RUN!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be attempting the Turkey Trot again this year. I am keeping for fingers crossed for a decent run. So far it is only me and J this year for the holiday. I was unable to go home because of work. But we will get to spend Christmas and New Years at home!

Above is a picture of the Broussards at Halloween. We went as Kitty & Red. I love that I can find authentic 70s clothing at the awesome thrift shops in Austin!

That is my former coworker Hema and my current coworker Meredith. We had a decent time out on 6th. The end of the night was kinda scary with the angry drunks, but my SEXY 70s outfit got us a cab quickly! hahaha

Here is 2 funny pictures from the night....Gay Indian Jesus Last Supper and the Golden Guys!

Here are my Angel and Devil at Dogtoberfest! They were pooped at the end of the day!

Last weekend I went home for the LSU vs Ole Miss football game. I also brought my coworker Alicia to try and fully convert her to a LSU fan! She wasn't happy with all the walking I made her do on the campus. I just like to share a full experience the first time. The game was a crazy Tiger as always. Below are a few shots!

I even ran into my friend Kelly from my Tigerband days! We had a very girly reunion!

I even enjoyed the halftime show. The guy who wrote and sang Vehicle performed with Tigerband. It was one of the trombone section's favorite tunes!

In closing I will leave with a picture from a recent awareness and fundraiser I went to for Pit Bulls put on by the local group in Austin known as Love-a-Bull. Texas is currently pushing for breed specific legislation. It has been shown that BSL DOES NOT decrease dog bites! I also believe this beautiful breed gets a bad reputation for the bad owners that choose to fight them and leave them unsocialized chained/caged up. The guys from Rescue Ink were at the event as well as "Shorty" from the tv show Pit Boss!

PLease go to this link to FIGHT BSL!

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