Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yearly update?

That is what my blog appears to have turned into these days.

So I did run that first half marathon way back in Feb 2010. I am signed up for the San Antonio Half Marathon next month, but I have been unable to train do to 2 people resigning at work and my life becoming crazier then I had expected. I still plan on running and need very much so to get back in the groove. Below is my finish in my first half..I was saying “ Go Saints!” (They had just won the Superbowl).


The Broussards continue to enjoy Austin! Jared even did a fun race with me called the Great Urban Race. We went as the “Scrubbin Bubbles'”. We have also had my brother in law and sister in law come to visit. We also enjoyed Lake Travis again this summer with my new coworkers Alicia and Meredith (she REALLY had a nice time..haha).






So we have had Buddy now since June 2007. We finally have added a new baby to the family. We adopted Potter (formerly Harry Potter) from Austin Boxer Rescue. He was a handful those first few days breaking through at least 4 different kennels until we got a 200 buck one that was meant for dogs such as Great Danes. Recently I completed a Therapy Dog training with Potter so he can be Delta tested and certified (hopefully). He then will be able to visit medical places and visit clients (including my work!). Enjoy a few pictures of him below.

potter crop IMG_4081

It has also been busy for weddings and engagements in the family. Jared’s brother Blake proposed to his girlfriend Hannah and they are set to be married the Saturday after Cinco De May 2011! My daddy and step mom Gina also had their marriage blessed in the Catholic Church in June 18 ( they had a justice of the peace wedding Dec 18 about 10 years ago). It was a beautiful day for them to be officially married in the church!




In closing I will leave you with a picture of Buddy. He got his first life vest this summer! He didn’t give a damn about swimming, but he enjoyed kayaking with me! I am over due to go out with him on the lake again!

R1- 1

I will be updating more! I will probably being posting random pictures too since I am so behind!

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