Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey Pumpkin!


So it’s that time of the year for cavities and slutty costumes! YAY.

OK, so I am enjoying it a little. Last Sunday I carved a pumpkin for the Broussard home at a friend of Jared’s house ( they had a pumpkin carving party!). And I am pretty sure you can figure what I carved into thing. If you can’t I will post a photo below.

At work today we had Halloween Carnival. I would tell you the long story behind my costume, but I will let the picture speak for itself. My co-worker Meredith and me went as MEN. Initially we were just going to be plain men, but after a trip to Saver’s ( kind alike Goodwill but better!) we became so much more after a find on some FANTASTIC shoes! One client went as Meredith’s “girl” date! He was AMAZING! He didn’t shave nothing! hahaha! I would love to show you but Mr. HIPPA won’t allow such fun.

After work today we went for drinks. Meredith looked so much like a COOL dude she had 2 women blushed and maybe confused about what bathroom they were using! But that aside, in Austin people don’t ask or look at you twice when you wear strange things. It is pretty normal around here. People take the slogan KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD..very very literal!


What can I say, I wasn’t being very Halloween creative.


And finally one picture of my babies.


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