Friday, February 12, 2010

Austin Recap

So I never really posted what we have been doing since we moved to Austin in July.

The first few weeks we were here some of my grad school classmates came to visit. it was really great to see Mica and Ana!
lastNfirst 051

lastNfirst 080

About a month after of being here a friend of ours from LA/LSU had a Louisiana party for his Texas friends. It was nice to have "home cooking". We even had beignets and bananas foster!


There is also a very large LSU alumni association here! They had a barge party on Lake Austin this summer. I had so much fun and WAY to many jello shots! It was a beautiful day on the lake and I got to experience another part of Austin. Right before the first LSU game they also had a tailgate party for all the SEC schools at Zilker Park, another Austin classic place.





Before moving to Austin I used Facebook as the networking tool it should be used as to find Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters in Austin. I had did the same thing when I moved to Richmond,VA and became active in the alumnae group there. Through networking I was able to meet Whitney! She is a great sister, and has a somewhat smart ass personality like myself, so we get along well!

When I first met Whitney over icecream ( at the best ice cream place ever AMY'S ICE CREAM!) she had discussed starting an alumna group here in Austin! I was very excited and couldn't wait to get here meet some new sisters and be a part of soemthing special again with ASA! So in September we became the Austin alumnae Chapter! And I am serving as the VP!
firstmeet 003

When I first moved to Austin I took a job doing peds home health and outpatient. my coworkers were amazing, and well company management was less then desired and so was the pay. But I made some AMAZING friends: ALyson, Ricardo, Lisa, Ade, Robert, Korey,Kate, Lindsey (who I followed to my new job), Jessica, Yvette,and I am sure I am leaving someone out! But I love these people! We have fun hanging out. We have had a few happy hours, karaoake nights, watching the Spazmatics ( FANTASTIC 80s cover band in Austin), practicing Thriller and going to the movies!
alybday 041
alybday 033
alybday 048
Thanksgiving with Alyson and Ricardo

The Broussards also went and had some fun at the Oasis. A very hip joint overlooking Lake Travis and a must for sunset in the summer. A sister from Alaska also came to visit (Josephine). It was her visit and we also showed her the Oasis.

And last but not least since moving to Austin I have starting running and working out again. I started in November on Thanksgiving. Jared and me did a 5 mile Turkey Trot. I was pretty out of shape and walked over 80% of it. About a month before I had did a 5K and felt terrible!

So I bought myself a body bugg and have put myself to work. Last month I did a 1/2 Marathon Relay with a friend from college and completed 6.7 miles. And I can say I ran about 60% of it! I was pretty proud of myself. And now this weekend I will be running my first 1/2 Marathon in the Austin Marathon I am both anxious and excited!

My 30th birthday was kinda a bust, but overall I am feeling more alive then I have years and focusing on making me ME and making ME better!


Josephine said...

Awesome job on the running Danya! I am training to do a half marathon as well!
This month up here in AK we will have a Team Ladybug participating in the Heart Run. Wish you could join us!

The Broussard Family said...


What 1/2 are you running? Is it in AK?

I wish I could be there! It would eb fun!