Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Stars at night or BIG and BRIGHT!

Deep in the heart of Texas!

So it has been a long long what 6 months. We moved to Austin, TX at the end of July and I guess I have been having some much damn fun, the time has passed me by fast!

I have much to catch up on, but tonight was a hell of a night in Austin. Monday will be my 30th birthday so this weekend and next weekend I planned to enjoy myself. Jared was going to buy me my first ever IPOD (nano) today. On the way to Best Buy I stopped to gas up the Subaru. It was cold today with strong breezes so I couldn't wait to jump in my Subaru and let go of the metal pump. I get in and turn the key to hear "berruppp" and silence. The Subaru is flat-lining in the parking lot.


So I call USAA to set up a tow truck. I go to the gas station attendent, who was the meanest " I don't give a shit" Indian attendant I ever met. He offered so much help I can't even write about it here. The tow truck took FOREVER to get to us. My toes felt like small sausage popcycles. I had to get in the 1993 Toyota to keep warm.

I was thinking to myself I should be eating some good home like cooking at Evangeline right now and getting ready to go home and play with a new toy and enjoy the evening.

So the tow finally gets there and I tell him and J to take it to a car shop I took the car to a few months ago to get a sensor replaced. I follow in the Yota. I pull up to see J banging on the garage door at the shop.

What the hell?

The shop hands were having themselves a party. By party, I mean beer, big speakers, stereo system and last but not least the DISCO BALL! But it wasn't disco music. I felt like I was crashing an adult party. It was a little bit funny and strange.

So to pity ourselves we went return movies to Blockbuster (which is right next to the liquer store). I got some chocolate liquer stuff that pretty damn good, and pretty damn good with Dr. Pepper ( more experiments to come later). Jared gets some beer stuff.

I digress. So we go to blockbuster and rent 5 movies. And to our lucky surprise, if you rent that many movies at Blockbuster you get 2 free drinks, 2 free candies and 1 thing of popcorn ( days looking up right, alcohol and sugar!). Also outside the movie joint were these adorable girl scout chicks freezing pushing cookies! You know we bought some! I had so been holding out too. Oh what a day.

so we come home with all that unhealthy stuff and movies, as well as Sonic ( it was almost 10pm and I was headed to dinner for like 7ish..yeah). We start watching Whip IT, and J's phone rings. Buddy despises the ring and barks. So I fuss a him and he jumps on the couch with me.

Just when I think we are good...NOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPEE.

Buddy has another one of his seizure things. POO and PISS on the floor. It took awhile for J to realize I was saying get off the phone and come help me, and so about time he does so Buddy goes into flailing motion smearing poo into the floor.

Due to me not working with animals like I did years ago while aspiring to be a vet, I almost vomited. So when I though he was finished I took Buddy to the tub for a bath. He wasn't done but no more feces thank goodness.

Today was a hell of a day. Whip It was a great movie made me laugh and my husband cry once or twice for those oh so tender moments.

Tonight was a " wolf Moon"...which is supposed to mean brightest the moon will shine. Well, it should have meant Bad Moon Rising! I had much better night on the " Blue Moon"

30 is just around the corner!

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