Monday, June 22, 2009

Round 2

The move to Austin, TX is getting even closer. I really don't feel like I am moving in 3 weeks some days, and I know very well that it is coming next month. We talked with Sean, my brother-in-law, yesturday and he is going to help us move and get some sight seeing in on his end. After that phone call I looked at Jared and said CRAP We are MOVING in like 3 weeks.

So, I planned my second trip to Austin for round 2 of interviews. I am almost certain a job will come out of this trip. I have 2 skilled nursing facilities I want to interview with for a job and 2 home health agencies. I will probably stop by Seton hospital, maybe the Heart Hospital, and a few pediatric places as well.

I am staying at a hotel the first night, but plan on camping out at our new place the rest of the time. Hopefully, someone will have some wireless I can borrow, or I will have to go sit at Starbucks for awhile. May try and all my interviews done on Thursday so I can go explore the town more on Friday.

I got my TX OT license in on Saturday, so now I am free to work as an OT!

No other big new. We have starting packing the apartment. Jared is going out of town tomorrow to help with recording for the C3 Project.

Owell, I'm out. I will send out the new address once we officially move!

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