Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fast times...

I really can't believe I will be moving in little over a month. I feel like I have much of nothing done. We have a moving company coming by on the 1st to give us a quote. I am going to Austin the evening of the 3rd of June and leaving early Saturday morning. I will be looking a rentals and doing a job interview.

I have not decided if I am going to do travel therapy or a FT job. It depends on how this interview goes with the local hospital and what they offer for pay. Lots of money can be made with travel therapy, but more money can be made if you go longer distance...I really don't want a 1 H commute, but for 3 months and extra dough ( some not being taxed) may have to consider that I guess.

I know one thing for sure, I can't wait to be more settled. I feel like since Dec 2007 I have been non-stop. It started with wedding/honeymoon plans, then the wedding, the honeymoon, going home for the in-laws wedding, and now planning a move and getting a new job. ALso all the while trying to love the death out of husband, and some moments not wanting to kill him.....hehe.

ANyway, thats the news for the day.

PS I SO called Kris winning Idol, but I think I will like Gokey's first album better

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