Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cute moment...

I took Buddy for a trip to Petsmart today to get more food. The man there "Bobby" who does the dog training came by and saw a little tail wagging in the cart (he was in it because he pooed on the floor..he knew better). He came over and said " OHHHH, I SEE A HAPPY TAIL!" He began to pet him, and I told him Buddy will growl because he is so protective. We started giving him treats and talking to him in a sweet voice and telling him he was a good buddy and very cute.

Buddy ate it up...the attention and the treats! hahaha. By the end of it he was giving that man kisses and wagging his tail. We saw the man again later in the store, and he growled a little at him, and he petted Buddy again( which he was fine).

I post this to say, some people have a special touch with dogs. My husband thinks he has this touch and Buddy is the only dog that has not liked him. But to have the true touch, you must have patience and unconditional love with lots of understanding. Most of all you have to have those traits even when the animal is growling/hissing/etc.

In other news, I have my Austin trip down to the first weekend in June. I will fly in June 3rd evening and leave Fri or Saturday.

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