Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am so bored...

I saw a girl at my apartment complex today that reminded of my college days. She was all dressed up, and heading out to town. I giggled a little. All of us ladies do this walk when we are dressed up, and think we are hot no matter what anyone else thinks...just cracked me up.

I had to work today for Monday due to the snow storm. Sorry AK girlies I didn't feel safe driving my car here. I went out a 3pm that evening, and still didn't like how my car drove in the snow. This is mostly because a foot on snow in Richmond only happens every 5 years or so, thus the city/people don't handle that much snow.

Anyway, not much else to report. Looking at the car listed in the link below.

maybe car/maybe not just looking

Later Peeps. Spring 1 hour ahead tonight!


Anonymous said...

my mom said to kiss her ass.. hahahahah!!

Angie said...

Nice car!(maybe, maybe

The Broussard Family said...


the post disappeared after I bought it...shoo