Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras and Lent!

If I were in Louisiana right now I would be eating lots and lots of calories in kingcake and alcoholic beverages! Well, ok probably not because I work in Healthcare and probably would have been working, BUT I would have had kingcake.

I also would be watching my Tigers in person maybe.

ANyway, that aside. Tomorrow is the first day of lent. If you are Catholic you know about no meat on Friday, and usually for the next 40 days you make your self suffer...ha or give something up to challenge yourself and have self control. So, this year instead of givng up chocolate or carbonated drinks, I have given up being inactive or not active enough. So for the next 40 days I must workout at a minium of 3-4 days a week! Now the good thing, I started this last week!

I am pretty sore today from my ab workout Sunday and my lower body workout from my kettlebells. Kettlebells kick your ass...get some. I bought a video with mine called the Goddess video. If I just did workouts with these things I would be super hot, but umm I am not that diligent and can't take the pain. But I am doing at least one kettlebell workout a week, and doing other things at the gym.

For motivation I purchased a magnetic dry erase calendar and put it on the back of our front door. On the days we work out Jared and I write it on there. Makes it fun cause if one of us works out and the other one does not...you feel like a lazy ass!

I have also finally got all my prof wedding pics from cd to my external drive. my computer is outdated and slow so this was a painful process. I am also working on thank you cards. It's really sad. I write so much at work I don't want to write at home.

I also just got my new kitchenaide mixer in yellow! Now many people that have these gripe about size yadda yadda. But i really want to use mine. I want to get more attachments. I already got the icecream attachment as a gift, so we can make our own healthy icecream! I made the first cake this week. So nice to be able to multitask while the cake batter is mixing. ALso, much less of the batter is wasted on the mixing part and much easier to get out the nice stainless bowl...less licking for those watching!

My kitchen has purple and gold things in it.....I can't imagine why..haha. But I love it! It's LSU without any LSU labels! I also carried the fleur de lis stuff form our wedding into the kitchen.

ok I get back to the game and continue to nurse my sore ass muscles....poor glutes/quads/abs..

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