Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Greetings from WHISTLER!

The Broussards finally made it here yesturday! Only about a little over 24 hours later tthe orginal arrival date.

We had the absolute worst airline trouble to get here. HORRID!

1. We went to the airport in Baton Rouge(BTR) on Jan 4th, the afternoon after the wedding. We had a 730ish flight to Houston, and then a connecting to Portland where we would have a 4hour layover. We would arrive in Vancouver on Monday the 5th at 730am and take a 3 hour bus ride to Whistler.

2. This DID NOT happen

3. Our flight out of BTR was late either due to weather/mechanical trouble (we had haerd both)...either way we knew that we would miss our Houston connection and in the long wrong our Portland the trip was messed up

4. I called all my reservations in Whistler and Vancouver and were able to get them all pushed back a day ( thank goodness!) due to it being the airports fault, and so I would not lose money! I was also able to reschedule our bus ride to Whistler.

5. I was a little upset when they could not find a flight form no where to anywhere to get us to Vancouver. Then one CONTINENTAL agent told us he had booked us both on an AMERICAN flight the next morning out of Baton Rouge connecting to Dallas then to Vancouver. We would fly out of BTR at 145pm and get to Vancouver at 730pm ( excellent I still get there on MOnday!....right)

NOTE: I also asked at this time if we could have our return date changed from the 13th to the 14th...he told me he could not do it at BTR and we needed to do that at a larger HUB.

6. So we call my AUnt to get us from the airport and we get a good nights rest. The next morning we go wiht my grandmother and return tuxes from the wedding at 10am, and decide to just got to the airpost early and let American get our tickets and have lunch. We get to the airport at 1030ish.

7. AMerican can not find our reservations. They look at us like we are stupid. We end up standing at this counter for 2 hours, talk to about 3-4 different people who are trying to help us....why so many you ask...because asshole the night before had booked me for the name was even on the passenger list TWICE....but HAD NOT booked Jared....he had put him on standby...and he didn't tell us this!

8. So the helpful and stressed American Airline folks got us a flight out of New Orleans using UNITED. They gave us a cab ride down there. We get to NOLA and the UNITED rep cna find Jared on the flight but NOT ME!!!!!! He tells us to walk across the airport to CONTINENTAL. There we meet total bitch! She did not want to help us. We told her what happened and she said very snotty there was NO reason the United rep couldn't find us in the computer. SHe prints us some paper work to bring to the UNited desk. While there I ask about getting our flight pushed back to the 14th, and we tell her what the BTR agent said about using a bigger airport to do it cause he couldn't do it. SHe SNAPS at us and says SHE can't do it and we should have done that in BTR! She wouldn't even SPEAK to us anymore about it, INSTEAD she throws a pamplet in front of me and tells me to call Customer SERVICE!

9. So we go back to UNited and they get Jared's tickets straight. Then for the icing on the cake, I was listed for the flights but had NOT been officially booked! So the UNited agent again had to clean up COntinental's screw-ups. So now we are leaving New Orleans on an evening flight into Denver. WHERE WE HAVE TO SPEND THE NIGHT! The airline did pay for that. But that means we now get to Whistler TUES! And we were not arriving in Vancouver until 2pm so after luggage and customs and catching a bus we don't get to WHistler until 6pm. SO WE LOSE ANOTHER HONEYMOON DAY!

10. We get to Denver with no problems...YAY....and we get to our hotel and give them the voucher from the airline. They ask if thats the only thing they gave us. We reply yes...they statr talking how info is missing on the voucher like our names....shit. Lucky for us the Hotle likes money and accepts the voucher.

11. I forgot to mention, the airline had also flagged us for searches at Denver and Vancouver.....yeah that just pissed me off more. I told Jared maybe it was ebcause we were so upset at the desk in New Orleans, but it was a AIRLINES FAULT! I had been in tears earlier that morning and was emotionally drained. Whatever, it was the tip of my last nerve with the searches.

12. WHile in Denver we decided to call Continental about the horrible customer service we recieved, and mistakes done by them to make the trip mor difficult. We were on the phone for 2 and half HOURS! We asked that they change our return flight to the 14th at no charge, because of the orginal guy at BTR saying we had that 145pm flight out on MOnday I had also had to cancel a Vancouver Hotel I had booked ( thank good ness again with no charge after I told the rep what happened with my tear filled voice), they had made us miss essentially 2 days of honeymoon and if they didn't change my flight I would lose a 3rd day AND my hotel since I had moved it back a day because i though we were going to be there MOnday night.

13. They told us for the first hour NO, and that the cab ride from BTR to NOLA and the hotel in Denver was our compensation and when we accepted that, that close the deal....BOY, did that light a fuse under our asses.....Cause we could have got to New Orleans for FREE and whats a 90 dollar where NEAR the time and money they had made us lose/ or going to make us lose. Jared also had a bitchy rep that tried to lied to him before we got to the final lady that just changed it for us, but not after a good 45 min arguement! It was 245am when Jared got off the phone. Yes we were tired as hell!

14. Needless to say we were VERY happy to finally be here. We are both sick. I am worse then Jared with some upper resp shit, and to put the cherry on top of it all, my Aunt was waiting for me in Vancouver.......ugh. Happy HOneymoon!
We had a nice first night and will do some fun things soon, to bury all this negative from the flights here!

PS OUr wedding was BEAUTIFUL! We will blog on that later with pictures! It was an amazing day and a fun wedding week!


The Broussards!


Angie said...

OMG!! That is effin seriously, it sounds almost too shitty to be you guys had such a crappy start to your honeymoon..and the cherry on top, im sure you were thinking great...just great!

Despite it all try to enjoy your time and the honeymoon!! Congrats again

JulienDavid said...

So I love you guys and I am glad you made it safely to Whistler. Have fun despite the colds and aggravation. If it makes you feel any better my aunt came along on my honeymoon too!!!!!!!!!