Saturday, December 20, 2008

2 Weeks Notice

No I am not changing jobs...just my status! The wedding is 2 weeks from today. Kind hard to believe. Time goes by soo fast. Planning has been in full speed, and making me crazy. I think this past week was the worst. I am ready just to enjoy everything, everyone's company, have a ceremony, and celebrate!

Not much else has been going on. Jared officially completed all his courses for his undergrad degree. He is very excited about that. He felt like he had waited for ever because he was in the Marines. Now he just has to get the fee bill straight and apply for Grad School.

I bought myself a present 2 weeks ago. I was on the fence about it. I called Becky because she has the same thing and ask if it was a deal. She said grab it UP! SO of course I did!

I got myself a Canon Rebel! I will go to some lessons after the wedding and honeymoon to get better knowledge/use with my new toy! It was kind of funny, I called Jared to tell him I got myself a present, and he guessed a GPS. I laughed and said NOOOOO, try a LITTLE more expensive! I rewarded myself for working every damn weekend since May!

I will be posting all my shots from my Rebel on my FLICKR account.

We are going down to Louisiana ( or heading that way) the day after Christmas once I get off of work. We probably will make it in early on the 27th.

I am taking bridals on the 29th...I know craziness! Anyway, we are excited and can't wait for all the fun!

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Anonymous said...

well im happy it finally came... you looked great!!!