Friday, October 24, 2008

Busted Flats in Bama, waiting on a Tow...

That was our song last weekend!

We left Richmond Thurs afternoon and were on our way to Louisiana at 3pm. We SHOULD have made it to PLaquemine, LA by 9am or so.

I decided to take the mountain route through VA for a change. We haven't done that route since we moved up here. I think it was because of the bad experience I had with the ride seeming to take for ever, the bad driver side rear mirror that had to be duct taped and held, and the leaky cab roof that poured on me and I had to hold a plastic bag over!

Anyway, we made it through VA just fine. I took my 3 hour nap and was awakened by Jared saying we had a left front flat. Still half asleep I ask "UHHH NO..dammit...where are we?" He tells me somewhere middle of Alabama. SO we pull off at a gas station and pull everything out the trunk to get the spare. I go in the store to get a tire gauge.

Meanwhile while J is changing the flat a rather large guy ( he kinda looked Samoan) watches and makes small talk with us. Few minutes later this skinny scrappy lil white kid comes over and appears to be a friend of this guy. Here comes the IDIOT part, you ready? Mr. Big ask little man why he is there, and little man responds " uhh, haha, I wanna buy some stuff from you." Mr. Big responds " Not Right now, come back little later, ok?"

IDIOT...see kids don't do drugs

So we chnage our flat and the hell away from dumbasses. I take over and we are not on the road another 15-20mins and BOOM goes the spare. This time off side the interstate in the middle of gosh knows where at 3am..yeah. I am saying not so nice words in my mind wanting to cry. Jared calls his car insurance (thanks USAA) and we set up a tow, which the computer calls to tell us will be there in the hour. But between the first call and the computer call back. Jared walks to see what mile marker we are at, and a truck pulls up and I see lights in the headlight area on the truck. I think YAY woohoo we have help. I get more excited when the truck gives J a ride back to the car.

However, I become confused when Jared gets out the truck and he drives off. I asked J who the guy was, he said he told us to stay to the side of the road and just offered to drop him off. WHAT? Is this guy a shitty popo, shitty volunteer fireman? Within 30mins we find out, he was part of the road crew! You see where we pulled over there were orange cones, which was nice and safe cause traffic was away. SO 30mins later here comes the truck and and they start taking the orange cones. ANd you know what, NO ONE stopped to see if we were ok and if help was on the way...bastards.

I tow truck gets there...whew, and the poor guy looks like Billy Bob kidding. Poor guy, we was very very nice to us, but he couldn't hardly talk...back woods southern was bad.

Anyhow, while on our way to our destination ( A goodyear tire place where we slept in the car for 3 or so hours until they opened!), we passed up a sign " University of Alabama ->" see folks we were in TUSCULOOSA sporting my LSU band alumni hat and Jared in his LSU shirt...hehe. We laughed about it with our tow guy. The guys at the car place were so nice the next morning. We had a nice stay and got on the road 9am, when we were supposed to be in LA...ahh.

We got to Plaquemine at 3pm! I was lil upset cause I didn't get to meet with the florist. I did get to meet the cake lady, so that was good. I barely got the see my animal siblings at my dad's place. It was such a rushed day. Right after meeting about the cake, we headed to Church Point about hour way to go visit and stay the night with Jared's parents. We were soo exhausted we had been driving and sleeping in my car for 24 hours. We felt so gross. I think that I had the best shower that night, it felt soo good to be clean. We were also glad to have a home cooked meal again and not junk or gas station food. We had a very nice visit. I got some younger year pictures of Jared that I will use for something at a later details..hahaha!

We did not want to get up the next morning. But we finally did and met Becky at LSU for engagement pictures. We stopped by Mike's cage while we waited for Becky. OK, so this is the first time (since I am out of state) that I have been able to see this Tiger up close near the front of his habitat, usually the damn thing is hiding in the back bushes sleeping. ANyway, I am all excited to see him up close, and I am admiring his beauty and thinking how amazing he is going to look when ge gets older and fills out more (he is still pretty young Tiger). Well, Mike walks closer to the side where I stand and he turns his back to me and PEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE, like if I would have been 2 steps closer I would have got pissed on by Mike's flying urine!

This trip was turning out to be a joke, I swear! However, we had a damn fine time taking our pictures. Becky is still editing them, so I don't have them yet!

That night we had our engagement/cocktail party that Becky's parents gave us. We had a nice time, and all the parents finally got to meet. I was able to have 5 out of my 8 attendants there. That was oo cool. I can't wait until the big day to have fun with all the ladies! We also, watched the LSU game. SO we won, but I wasn't satisfied with the game. Someone needs to put some damn glue or something in Lafell's hands. I digress, the party was great and so was the food. I need to do some thank you cards! All the pictures from the event can be found at facebook. I need to get my step-mom's photos. Somehow I missed my Aunt in my pictures.

We drove home early Sunday morning, and thank goodness had an uneventful drive home! I was so tired at work Monday, and had a extra long day at home. I really didn't get to rest until Tuesday. My patients told me by Wed I was finally looking better..hehehe.

I have more I could write. But this is getting long. I will say my wedding bands are in and I need to get them soon. AND we are going to WHistler for our honeymoon! WInter honeymoon for a winter wedding! Whistler is 3 hours outside Vancouver in British COlumbia Canada!





Future In-Laws!

We're HOT

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