Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh my Oh my...

Sooo, the invites are in! Yay! They look wonderful. I have to order the seals now. I have practiced making my chocolates and have to decide on my candy holder and etc. My wedding bells are in.

Jared and I finished our cana class. We only have to meet with the Deacon now and finish the paper work. We meet with the priest in Louisiana later. I have been looking at readings for the wedding.

My wedding bands have been set and are off for the hand engraving. We are waiting for Jared's to come in. Becky has soo kindly said she will do some engagement like pictures for me at LSU. I don't want all that many so I didn't do anything with my photographer.

We are going home Oct 17th weekend. I will get the flowers and hopefully hair stuff taken care of in that trip. I had started with my cake stuff, but thanks to Hurricane Gustav my cake place was damaged and is closed until November. And they won't continue my ordered until November after I did all that ground work. I explained I was out of state....yeah, they dind't care, too busy getting the shop back, so have to let my step-mom help with that...makes me frustrated and nervous.

I also need to go do dress alterations soon! I made a list last week,,eeek. I am so ready for the day!

Not much else going on. My dvd player quit working properly last weekend and we had to go get a new one. I still need to post pictures from Ashley and Bill's visit 2 weekends ago. I have been slacking with picture taking and loading them to the computer.

Oh I have nothing else..blah

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