Thursday, September 4, 2008

Holy Moly..121 Days

That's 4 months and a day away from our big day! I am getting a little anxious. I am still feeling like a have done so much but with a few more things left to do.

My family is still ok from Gustav...still no power, and still living with generators and window units. They are eating well though, I called my daddy yesturday and he was frying some deer backstrap..yummers. My aunt and uncle's pool house/shed got this most damage for my family, and my mom got a leak in her room. Otherwise, everything is OK.

I feel so weird not being home in LA right now. Kinda like I am living in another universe from my family. I know they are ok and doing well. It just feels weird not being able to help them day to day or anything. While I work, they drive around helping get trees off friend's houses and such. I hope Hurricane IKE stays clear from LA and lets them get the power back.

Anyway, also thanks to Gustav there will be no LSU

Jared is back in school and getting into the swing of things. He is taling biology which is bringing back some memories for me. He came home talking about phospholipids and I drew a picture for him. I told him I can remember useless things like that and about permeability of them...sad.

Tues this week I went with some co-workers to the Byrd Theater to watch Sex in the City. It was funny. We had a good time too. I love seeing movies in that place. It's old, it's beautiful, and gives you a different experience of watching a movie versus the brightness and gimics of today's modern facilities.

Not much else going on. Looks like Gustav's cousin Hanna may be bringing us some rain this weekend.

later folks

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