Sunday, September 21, 2008

Football nerves


So LSU pulled off the win! First time winning at Auburn since my freshman year in 1998! Poor Hatch got " Knocked the F________ OUT" ( For all you Friday fans). Poor guy was looking confused as hell, but he let the other QB shine and people are singing his graces. We will see. I am a bit nervous for the rest of the season...what else is new for LSU football games. I saw one article today that LSU had the SECRET, that no matter what we knew how to win! haha

We watched the game with Bill, Ashley, and Aubrey (Ashley's sister). We had a good time and good BBQ. Aubrey isn't in to football. Thus in my pictures we are being dorks and she is doing crossword puzzles..haha. I will share pictures later.

Earlier tonight I ordered wedding invites. I will wait for a proof via email before it is set in stone. Now I need to get some things for the back of the invites. Just another wedding preview for you. A picture of how the church is decorated during Christmas! I stole the image from another photographers website, this is not my picture guy. Click picture for a better view.

We will be home the 3rd weekend in October. We will be finshing up wedding things, and Mrs. Carriere is giving us a cocktail party.

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