Thursday, September 18, 2008

107 and counting down

I think I am going to have to stop looking at the numbers...makes me anxious.

I have to order our invitations soon, and I need to tweak the guest list some. We are going home a month from now to finish up wedding planning. My home town is in the middle of repairing itself from Gustav still. The place I am getting my cake also had some damage..which made me nervous. But my step-mom told me a contractor owns the place and had already started repairs last week.

It feels so weird for me. We are planning for a big day in our lives and I am trying to get all these things done, and I feel bad to call down to Louisiana for things when people are still feeling the effects of Gustav and Ike. Part of me says IT"S MY WEDDING and the other part says stop being a baby and plan the stuff after thing calm down, I just feel more anxious about the whole thing now. I know everyone will be ready for a party 3.5 months from now.

My wedding bands are almost paid in full, and last weekend we went pick Jared's out. We are waiting for it to come in to see if it for sure what he wants, and if not he will just probably have a plain band.

I still need to go for my dress alterations. I made my shoes. I know some ladies if my fmaily will/are not happy about what I will be wearing...but you really don't see the feet and I want to be confortable, and enjoy the day without worrying about sore feet or tripping all over heels!

OH and football has started! I am ready for a first "real" game for LSU this weekend. We get to really see where we are in playing this season. We watched the first 2 games with the alumni group here.

Not much else going on. Jared has been busy with school, and I have been have very busy weeks at work...getting tired.

Last weekend we had our first marriage prep class. It wasn't bad at all. Most of the questions they made us do with each other, Jared and I had already discussed. I think some of it has to do with age with some of the questions though. I mean for the questions we had to ask each other you may view them different if you were 21 VS 30. Some had to do wiht children, concerns about your relationship down the road, and taking care of your parents when they becole elder and ill. Next weekend is our last day for the marriage prep. We then have to meet with our Deacon to do paper work.

oh to work I go

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