Saturday, August 2, 2008

I"m so excited....

Well it comes and goes. I am watching " So who's wedding is it ANYWAY?"

Show cracks me up and cry at the tender moments. I swear the older I get, and more milestones I reach in my life the easier I cry. Sometimes you feel so crazy to be a can go from being a complete bitch to crying in your fiance's arms to laughing ALL in like 3 minute time span!hahaha

Wedding planning is speeding ahead and decisions are being just getting closer. The closer it gets, sometimes the more emotional I feel and excited I get and want to day to be amazing.

I found my garter. I don't have my shoes. I am working out final details of our favors. I would like to get some type of engagement like pictures taken and a few bridals once the dress is in RIC. I need to figure out the wording for the invites and get seals. I need to get all the updated addys, and figure out room/board for some people. I will order my cake soon, and Jared's too. We have so much to do, even with so much done.

I can't wait. I"m babbling with excitement and nervouness!

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Angie said...

Sounds like you've got a lot done! YAY!!!