Saturday, August 16, 2008

140 Days and Nights

Until the BIG day is here!

I have got a few more wedding things taken care of this week. Our church stuff is in the process of being done. We have our cana classes next month and I am in contact with the Deacon to set dates with him to do preparation work. I have called to get copies of our baptism record with annotations of all our other sacraments.

I also went ordered some work to my engagement ring and wedding band. I am getting both rings shanked due to the backs being so thin and I don't want them to break or bend out of shape. I am also adding to small bands to the side of the wedding band that will contain small diamonds from a ring that belonged to my mama. Each band is only 2mm. They will be milgrain like the picture below and have some hand engraving done on them to keep the look antique. I can get them all sartered together if I wish. I am also getting the wedding band sized down to a 7.

I also got my garter in this week, some decor for Jared's groom cake and other stuff ordered for that too, I found what I am going to do for my shoes, got more attendant stuff, and have had fun planning and spending money!

Here are some pictures of random things!

Some pictures from last weekend. Dobell sent another outfit and Jared and I went out to the Watermelon Festival down in Carytown. We were disappointed that Double T's didn't do watermelon alcohol beverages this year...they suck.


Buddy saying "Hey Daddy, where ya going?"

Me eating watermelon, making a funny face waiting for J to get to Carytown.

The Tuxes we are getting for the wedding..HOT huh? hahahaha

No this was at a retro/antique clothing store in Carytown.

Man talk about Hot dogs!

Jared not enjoying his NON-watermelon drink...that wasn't even that good..sigh

Few more cute pictures for you of Buddy. He LOVES to ride in the car. He just doesn't like sitting in turning lanes and those obnoxious other drivers have the nerve to pull next to his car..hahaha. My dog is crazy at times, and brilliant at other times.

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