Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vacation for 5

FINALLY I got a vacation. I go come a few times a year,but that is not really ever a vacation because I am usually running every where to see everyone and there for some event here lately, and I usually come home exhausted.

This was the first true vacation Jared and I took together. It was kinda nice and relaxing!

We were originally going to head to Salisbury, MD on Thursday but the weather wasn't clear on what it was going to be like in MD, so we opted to stay home for the first day. Buddy spent most of the morning home enjoying the cool morning on the deck, and later went to the "Dog Spa."

Jared hung around the house and I went to the pooool!

Earlier in the morning after dropping Buddy off I ventured to Target for sunglasses. Got some ugly ones looking back. And dumb me forgot to take my hair down when I tried them on, so when I wear the dang things with my hair down they squeeze the heck out of my head!

It was a wonderful day poolside!

Later that day we headed out to Maryland. It wasn't a bad drive. We caught some traffic near Annapolis ( and NO, I didn't get to see no sexy men in white...damn!)

We stayed in Maryland in Salisbury with Jared's friend from USMC, Brandon, and his girlfriend Megan! They also have a baby name Riley! He is so cute, but very much in his puppy stage. His mom and dad say he is going to "school" soon..hehe. He was so cute to watch because he is kinda goofy right now on his feet. But look how sweet!

A couple days later we all went out to see how Riley liked to swim. It took some coaxing, but he did it.

On Friday morning, Jared and me headed down the road to Ocean City, MD for the beach! We spent overall about 4 hours or so out there. It was a wonderful day out! It started out partly cloudy with a breeze, and became sunny with a breeze. Perfect weather! We took a 27 block stroll down approx half the boardwalk and walked back on the beach.

Pretty HUH?

ALASKA at the BEACH? well...

Funny story while walking on the beach: Jared and Danya are walking along the beach. Out of the blue they hear a mother hollering " Patience NO...PATIENCE!" And before they knew what was going on Danya spotted the girl named "Patience" and she politely chunked 2 small handfuls of sand on Danya's legs. Jared and Danya laughed and thought " Why on EARTH would you name your daughter "PATIENCE"?

Celebrity viewing: Jared and I went to a surf shop off the boardwalk, and were browsing the reef flip-flops which I ended getting a new pair. We walked over to the checkout and the cashier guy is beaming and saying "You're my FAVORITE character!" Jared and I look at each other, because from behind this person does look like someone famous. He is tall skinny and bald, and normal looking. The guy starts doing an autograph, and the cashier ask his shirt size. He turns around and I say " Oh HI, I recognize you!"...dumb I know but it is all that came out. Anyway, for you LOST fans we saw Mr. John Locke. I am not a LOST watcher myself, and the poor guy seemed to be trying to keep it low key and enjoy his vacation so I didn't use the camera.

Anyway, enough stories, here are some shots from the beach!

Our lunch at Dough Roll (something like that)...just one day of rest and I already look better!


Jared's shots of me!

Jared and me leaving the beach..sniff

I only posted a handful of the pictures from the trip to Maryland and the Ocean City trip. You can see all the pictures at Vacation on facebook.

We had a really nice visit with Brandon AKA "B", Megan, and Riley. We watched Jack-Ass 2 finally while visiting, and I laughed my tail off. There were only 2 scenes that I could not handle. We also went to the theater to see Step-Brother. I enjoyed a few scenes in this flick. It's def better see this one with a group of people! Our last day Megan's co-worker had a Edy's ice cream party she won by writing an essay. We had so many yummy flavors. I don't think I ever ate some many different ones in such a short period!

Us after eating much ice cream!


The BOYS talking Marine stories, making "The Face" for Jordy (another USMC bro) and being silly. While they do this Megan and I talk about how much the boys are alike in so many ways!

We left Maryland Sunday evening and made our way up to Reston, VA. We had dinner with Ashley and Bill! Ashley has LONG hair, I don't think I have seen her with it that long in years, and I love it! But she is chopping it off in OCT after her friends wedding, I tried to change her mind but I am sure I failed! We had a really nice dinner and visit. I never feel like we have enough time for a visits! We def need a weekend to really hang out!

On Monday we picked up Buddy from the SPA. On the way there traffic was unusually bad on the road, and come to find out someone had busted a naturla gas line..yeah not cool. So it took us 35mins to get him versus 15! Anyway, he was happy to see us, and growled at Jared as usual in the car...guess he blamed him for vacation...haha. He went home and was pooped! He wouldn't even wake up when J called his name, poor baby. Later that afternoon we heading down to The Bottom to have dinner at Europa's with Roxanne and Eric Jacobs (that now lives in Texas!) We had a great time catching up over tapas, sangria and dessert!

We had a wonderful and relaxing time. We really enjoyed every minute and getting to visit with friends over the past few days. I can't wait until my next big vacation in January with Jared!

In closing, we are doing the Biggest Loser at work. This is gonna be fun and motivating! Again for ALL pictures from our vacation check the facebook link listed above!

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