Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stormy Firecracker Pit

So here is the overdue 4th July post. Friday we went to my co-worker and her husband's home. We chilled out there with another co-worker and some other friends' of the hosts.

my co-worker Hinde and her husband Aaron

The Hosts! My co-worker Emily and her husband Elmer

Oh and let me not forget Sam the cat...such a sweet kitty
So we enjoyed the house for a bit,visited and ate BBQ. We then headed down a few blocks to Byrd Park and sat near Dogwood Dell to watch the fireworks. It was really a nice nite. NOT HUMID as it has been the past few weeks! We sat on a blanket enjoyed more wine and visited until the show.

The little cutie on the side (ahem, beside Jared or myself..hahaha) is Seme a little girl belonging to some friend's of Emily's. She was such a sweetie...more on here later.

So in front of us were 3 little boys, 2 which looked like twins and the other prolly 10 months older then the twins, with their mother. Well, those lil boys saw Seme and fell in LOVE! They began chasing her all over. It was very funny and cute. I think the mother was embarrassed. She didn't even stay for the whole show. I don't know what she was thinking bringing 3 boys by herself, she was bravier then me. I told Jared I would have brought a towel for each of them and dared them to get off of them, and if they did it would have been straight home! hahaa ANyway look what happened to poor Seme!

Then came the show. I did the best I could with pics but it was hard due to delay, flash and a semi-cloudy night. They were beautiful and the finale was great but I missed the shots of that! But here are a few of my favorite shots:

For more shots check out the facebook album! On the following Saturday, Jared's friend Tim Cutler from USMC came down from Quantico to visit. Tim just got back from tour a few months ago and will be moving to the New Orleans base soon! It was good to see him and visit! We had bbq, yummy ice cream at Gelati Celesti, and watched some movies.

Earlier in the week a storm was coming in, and the sky was really cool colors outside our apt. I took some shots from the deck. Here are a few of them, but the full collection can be found in the facebook album.

You scared? I would be of those 2 faces, I mean who could trust that?haha. Buddy having fun on the deck!

Don't ask me why I wanna marry this crazy man...I think it's called LOVE..haha. Def not a day to BBQ!

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Nan said...

I love the sky photos! The skies never look like that up in Alaska.